I want to start out by apologizing. I have not been able to get onto the blog for the past few days.  Had a few technical issues that I had to deal with my computer and now I am back.

I guess that I timed it perfectly, as Twitter stated today that they were having some technical challenges of their own. What a world! What a world!

It made me start thinking about how attached to Twitter we are. I hear something just happened in world events, I check it on Twitter’s trending events. Want to know what people are talking about around the country and in your neck of the woods? Check out Twitter trends.  Want to know what your friends are up? Check out their latest tweets on Twitter.

The information that comes through the doors of Twitter are massive, but the ability to know what is happening instantaneously is magnificent. My question to leave everyone today is this the following: Is the amount of information that we receive from Twitter good or bad?

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