Instead of looking at social networking cartoons this week, I found some cool social networking buttons that I wanted to share. I was going for social networking buttons that were a little different than the ones you generally find on websites. I found the site that has them: Ezuca Gilmar Jimeno. Instead of searching far and wide on a number of different sites for great social networking buttons, I was able to find so many different designs that it was not even worthwhile to continue my quest for cool social networking buttons elsewhere.

These are not all of the social networking buttons at Ezuca Gilmar Jimeno, however, it is a great sampling of what they offer. The right social networking buttons are just mesmerizing to watch and see on a website. Now that you have some great samples, let me know which social networking buttons you like best.

social networking button origami

Interested in Origmai?

social icons hand drawned

Hand Drawn Social Icons

social networking buttons glasses

Social Glasses Icons

Leaves Fall

Leaves Falling Social Networking Buttons- Perfect For This Time of Year!

Free Hand Drawn doodle icons

Look Ma! I drew A Social Networking Icon!