You might have heard from others and myself before that Content is King in social networking. While it is true that content is king, I think it is time to discuss ideas of  how to make your content kingly. There are 3 major items that you need to do to create content that will be enjoyed by your readers and also by the Search Engines.

First, be unique. For those who have been enjoying  my blog, Twitter, and Facebook page for a little while you will notice that I am constantly looking to come up with creative, fresh content. I get my inspiration from a number of different places, as evidenced by yesterday’s Motorcycle Dog post. Sometimes I even turn to guest writers to bring in new perspectives of how to effectively convey my view about Twitter and social networking in general.

My thought is that if you are like everyone else than you will get the same results as everyone else. Some of my best posts were the ones that I came up with off the wall ideas.

Take a look at creating amazing posts with different forms of media, such as video, photos, audio, and text  in order to get people coming to your social networking sites more and more.

Second, I would love to tell you that I write my content blindly ignoring Google, Yahoo, and Bing. However, that would be unrealistic. The reason that I write partly to them as well as to my readers is because I want to share my work with other people. While my content must be engaging enough for people to enjoy and tell their friends (Hint, Hint hit the Retweet button), I also am looking to build a larger audience. If I wanted to talk to a wall, then I would not have a need for a blog. Because I want to create a larger community, I look towards search engine traffic to help me achieve my goals.

Third, dominate a niche (or two). I talk constantly about relationships. In fact, my primary goal for using social networking is to create professional relationships on sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc and then take them offline. You might have read the post that I discussed about Facebook Pyschology? Many people talk about building relationships. How many people actually discuss how to build the right connections with the right people to grow your business? I know one person. That handsome man writing these blog postings.

Fourth, let the readers know what your goals are for the blog, and how you want to achieve your goals. People read my blog and notice my Twitter Goal of having 10 million followers. Why is it important to have 10 million followers. Well, the secret is that it is not important to have 10 million followers. The only reason I put it up was that I needed to create a goal so outlandish that I would never reach it anytime soon. Huh? With 36,000 followers it will take me a long time to reach 10 million. That means that I will be continuously searching for new topics to write to my readers about. If I created a goal that I could complete in 3 months then I would have stopped writing already and everyone would have lost out.

Fifth, Under promise and over deliver. This is the part of the blog that you are now asking yourself, wait? I thought we were going to the do the top 3 ways to write great content. Well, everyone else gives you one bonus point, so I figured that I would add two bonuses into this post. Take that Mr Over delivery man!

Content is crucial to creating a successful social networking campaign on everything from Twitter to Facebook to your Blog. Make it exciting, new, and creative in order to get the most out of your online networking.