Studying the difference between those who have used social networking successfully, and those who have not ? Here is the secret sauce. Create great relationships with people by being original and human and then mix in great content to engage the readers and prospects. Here are three ways to do this.

1. Figure out your demographic. Are you a photographer? Then maybe you should have a photo blog demonstrating your knowledge of photos and also engaging the traffic that comes to your door with amazing photos that excites and make people drool for greater photos in the future. Or maybe you are a clown and want to build your clown business. Set up a clown trick of the day to engage your audience by attracting them to the trick on Twitter. Just do not clown around too much!
2. Are you creating fresh and interesting content? Take a look at most company literature. They feel like they are from the 1950’s, because they probably get their cue on what is hip and engaging from that era. Think of new ideas instead of the recycled ideas of days gone by.

3. Create a reason for your prospects to contact you. Engagement is not just about you talking. It’s about you connecting with someone. That means when you’re tweeting, posting on Facebook, blogging or writing on a forum you need to think of ways for your audience to connect with you. Look at it from their side and think of ways that will make them want to talk to you about your products or services (without bribing them).

How do you engage your clients? Would you like to engage a client through social networking?