Ever think about what site is the best for you to use as a photoshare site for your millions and gazillons of photos? Fear not! We have been pondering the question for you. That is why we came up with some options that will make you want to take your camera out of the safe and dust off the cobwebs.

4 PhotoShare Sites You Simply Must Use

First, Flickr is an obvious choice. Besides being one of the oldest photoshare sites in the world, it also relatively easy to use. All you need to do is set up a Yahoo account, and then fill out some basic information, so you can start uploading photos.

Second, Picasa is going to be around a long while, since it is Google’s default photoshare site. I think in some ways that Yahoo is letting Flickr, flicker away sometimes, since it is not as dynamic of a site anymore. Picasa might pick up some of that business, because the site integrates nicely with Google’s other products (shocker)!

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Smile For The Camera

Third on the list is Facebook. Yes, Facebook is a social network, but the site has close to 100 Billion photos on the site. Compare that to Flickr and their 5 Billion or Picasa and their 8 Billion to get a full picture of how much Facebook has dominated this space (Credit: BitRebels).

Fourth on the list is iStockPhotos. This photoshare site is great not only because you can share your original photos, but also because you can make money from these photos as well! That in and of itself is a huge benefit. Depending on the type of account you have with iStockPhoto you can make anywhere from 15-45% royalties on all of your pictures sold online. A little way to make some extra cash is never bad.

With these photoshare sites in mind, definitely consider looking at ways to showcase your photos.

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