Content aggregators in my mind are the best thing to come to bloggers, since WordPress. They make my life so easy that it is impossible to ignore content aggregators for promoting my blog.

These are great for getting the word out there on different social networks and other web 2.0 sites. One thing that you will have to do for any of these content aggregators is to set up all of the websites with your user and password in advance. Just be aware that this could be a little time consuming to do by yourself.

Comparing Content Aggregators

Ping.fmThey are a basic service for updating your social network. In the past year they have ramped up their efforts.There is 1 RSS feed, which works well for getting your blog, article, and podcasts out quickly.They do not go out to as many sites as some of the others listed below.Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, FriendFeed,, etc
OnlywireThis site is really convenient for getting the word out, once set up. Check out my video on this site.Goes out to a wide variety of the most popular social networks.Check the history logs, because it is has a high failure rate.Goes to over 42 social networks
SocialMarkerThis is a great place to get some additional traffic for your blog posts. Check out my video on this site.Some of the social networks here are known, but they have a knack for find more obscure social networksYou have to manually submit, but they make it copy and paste. This is not automatic.50 different social networks
TrafficGeyserThis is the grand-daddy of content aggregators. It goes out to the widest variety of web 2.0 sites.This site literally puts you all over the web, plus the backlinks for SEO are tremendous. Plus it will distribute your content over a few weeks.This is a paid membership. The beauty is that you can do the 21 day $1 trial to test out the system.Distributes to over 80 social networks and bookmarking sites and also article, podcast, and video directories

As you look through the content aggregators listed here, remember that you do not necessarily have to use one over the other. There are a lot of times when I combine them together for ultimate effect.

Check out these content aggregators and let me know if you have any questions.