As I often do, I used the weekend to review some of the things that I am doing, and also decide how I can improve on my business. One of the items that I noticed this weekend that will be a tweak to my blog is that I will change who can post  comments in order to make sure that I reduce spammers who have suddenly decided that this is a blog that will allow people to randomly promote their product or service by using auto-spamming techniques and unscrupulous techniques.

In order to more effectively promote communication on this blog, I have come up with a few rules that will make it easier for readers to more effectively view the community here on this blog. The rules are as follow:

1. You must put at least your first name in every post. Listing your company is not acceptable, because it is generally the people who list a company that are the most likely spammers who are not looking to add to the community with their comments.

2. Your email address should match your name. Fake names are not appreciated. You know my name, because it is on the blog. The least you can do is provide your first name and make sure that it matches an email address. I want to build relationships with people, not miscellaneous figures of the night.

3. All posts must be in English. I have no clue if someone is saying something disrespectful in other languages, which is why I am including this option.

I do not like putting rules on discussions, but the common threads that occurred with the spammers were those listed above. While I doubt most of them even read this, I am doing for those who visit my site and enjoy the content that I provide. This blog is designed to provide quality for those who want it, and that is why I hope you appreciate these changes as we attempt to continuously improve on this blog.