I would like to offer a comment mea culpa! I got a few comments over the past few weeks about how I was overly protective of my comments. The truth is a lot dirtier than fiction. After the amazing throwdown death match that I did for Disqus Vs Intense Debate Vs ReCaptcha Vs WordPress Comment System Die I sort of did not delete all of the different comment systems on my blog.

Why would I do that? What would possess people to go through the ten rings of hell and back just to leave a comment on my blog. The answer is quite easy and pretty darn stupid! I did not realize that I had missed some spam filters.

dont make me begApparently I added a few too many spam filters for my own good. A few people have commented that I had way too many filters. Every time I looked at my plugins, I thought I got all of them, but now. Now I am sure that all extraneous comment spam filters are gone…I hope!

There is definitely a lesson to learn from doing this type of throw-down death match of different commenting systems. Watch your plugins. I apparently was getting a little too plugin happy! This is good advice, so you know what is on your account, and also so you can minimize how much memory your plugins take on your blog.

At a minimum I now have juicy content for a sequel to Social Networking Blog Duh List 10 Times Over. In the end it just proves that the more mistakes you make the more you learn. That is how I am so erudite! I make more mistakes in a week than most people do in a year!Plus, it brings my pending stratospheric ego back in check with reality, so I can constantly improve this site for everyone who read this blog on a regular basis. Thanks to those 5 dedicated readers! We have quintupled in the past year. (Note: If no one else laughs at this, know that I am crying from laughter at my own jokes).

So, now that we have that straightened out, I would like to wish you a happy Monday! Feel free to comment on this post or others without the unscrutinizing eye of my many spam filter plugins. The only spam filter that is there right now is recaptcha. All others are simply a comment mea culpa of the past.