You’ve secured a prime advertising spot on one of the big television networks and you’ve sunk millions of dollars into what equates to a 30 second window of opportunity. You are intimately aware of how hard it is to stand out in television advertising. Your ad execs have assured you that humor is the best way to reach an audience and to be shocking AND funny, well that’s really going to leave a lasting impression. Welcome to the world of low-brow advertising.

Many commercials and ad campaigns aim high…but ultimately fall way short of the mark. Some ad executives know its better to set your sights low (as in low-brow humor) when seeking the most bang for your 30-second television spot. However, there is a decidedly fine line between hilarity and revulsion and Top Marketing Schools has identified the Top Ten Archetypes in Low-Brow Advertising as well as some examples of commercials that have successfully hit the mark. Please enjoy this walk through The Art of Low-Brow Advertising.

comic archetypes

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