I was thinking about this recently and decided that I have never really had a week where I just focused on Chicago business. I have had a few basic pieces around the idea of business in Chicago. This week, however, it is time to go more in-depth into how business operates in the windy city.

My Chicago History

1. This article helps non-Chicagoans as well

Before we delve into Chicago this week I want to say that while this post is mainly for those who are in Chicago, there are still probably going to be a number of applicable lessons that apply elsewhere. So, stay tuned! If not for that, then for the cool graphics and history lessons that I will discuss.

2. Now, my history

Second, before I spend the entire week in review I wanted to spend a little time just telling you my history in the Windy City. It goes back to the 1880s when my great-great-grandparents started immigrating to the United States. Over the next 50 or so years, my entire family made their way to Chicago. The last of my family to arrive here was my Grandmother Fran Nathan who came from Canada when she was a kid around the late 1920’s.

Obviously, I have a lot of roots in the city. I find it amazing how inadvertently when I moved into the Albany Park neighborhood in Chicago, I was a “wee” six blocks from where my mom grew up on Bryn Mawr and Kimball. I pass by Von Steuben regularly where she went to high school.

3. Chicago is unique

The reason for writing about this series is to not only explore all the amazing possibilities for business. You can also learn about aspects of business in the windy city that makes it unique. I will be delving into some of the items that I have discussed in the past, such as Three Rules To Starting A Business In Chicago.

In the end, I think you will see how much business has grown up over the years in Chicago. You can use these lessons to improve your networking, sales, and marketing wherever you are in the world. While I would love to tell you all business is local, I think my blog disproves that thought.

Chicago Business Week Schedule

Tuesday: Chicago Business History

Wednesday: Business Nuances

Thursday: Business in Chicago Face To Face

Friday: Chicago Business Neighborhoods, Villages, and Towns

Final Thoughts

So, get ready because tomorrow we will be diving in headfirst into the Chicago Business history as my subdued former history teacher self takes over the conversation.

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