I thought a quick lesson on how to change your Facebook cover would be in order. Especially, since it took me five minutes to find the darn thing myself. So, here is a really, really brief tutorial on to how to change your Facebook cover. Then you can move on with this beautiful October Sunday go outside, feel relaxed knowing that you have accomplished that monumental feat of strength and wisdom.

First, you need to actually scroll over the current cover or if you do not have one yet scroll to where the cover will eventually be located.  When you do an icon appears on the screen. That is the part that got me confused. I thought there would be a place to change it in the edits of your timeline, but apparently nope! Not going to happen.This is the only place to change you cover as far as I can see.

Changing Your Facebook Cover

So, the Good news is that I can now change the Facebook cover. Once you do you can either upload a photo that you have on your computer or choose from one of your current Facebook photo’s. I choose for right now to use the photo of me juggling in an apple orchard.

Reposition Facebook Cover

Once you do that, all you need to do is to drag the picture the exact spot you want, using the Drag To Reposition Button on the picture above.  Click save changes and you are finished.

That is the long and the very, very short of how to change your Facebook cover.