Social Media is a great place to build business relationships. It is the only time when you can start connecting with all of your prospects without having to leave your door and finding rejection at every door. Instead, social media is a place where you build a business relationship by listening to others, participating in a conversation, watching someone’s video, reading their article.

Here is how you can start successfully using social media to build those crucial business relationships.

1. Ask people to connect. What is the point of meeting people on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn if you do not open your mouth to talk to them?

2. Once the conversation has begun stay involved by commenting on people’s posts, reading their blog articles, etc.

3. Find out more about the other person by asking questions. You will learn more about someone in 30 seconds by asking 1 question then in 30 minutes by telling them about yourself.

4. Take the next step and call them or skype them. Meet for coffee if possible, and develop a business relationship that makes both parties stronger.

Simple right! There is no mathematical equation for connecting with people online, and there is no one stopping you from making those connections, except for your own preconceived notions of what should and should not be done online. Throw out the rules, make your own, and have fun doing business with friends.