It is a beautiful spring day in Chicago and I am admiring all of the cool Chicago skyscrapers. Not surprisingly this idea leads me to think about digital marketing.

Yup! I am a digital marketing nerd! That is correct! I see skyscrapers and think about the cool things people can do with their digital marketing efforts.

That is because digital marketing when done right can help to spread the word of your cause/service.

The concept here goes back to the heart of what it means to be an entrepreneur. For many entrepreneurs, it is about putting their vision into reality.

By creating a digital marketing skyscraper, you can necessitate change on a massive scale. This means you can use right information to help others.

In the podcast and video below we discuss how to create a digital skyscraper that will enable you to be remembered for all the good you did in business.

Digital Marketing Skyscraper Video

Mobile Musings Digital Marketing Skyscraper Transcript

Top of the morning! This is Andy Nathan from Wanted to share a musings on the go. I am in downtown Chicago right now, and I am always amazed at the cool buildings and places over here.

They are monuments to specific individuals in history. I can see the Trump Building on Wacker and Wabash right now. It is a monument to what he has done. Regardless of his political beliefs, you have to appreciate the power of his buildings.

Plus, it is really cool to have a building in the sky named after you.

However, it is no different online. When you are working online, you are creating a monument to your legacy. Something that will last a whole lot longer than you.

This is why people say follow your passion, because otherwise you are not helping as many people as you should.

My question is what monument are you creating to your legacy?

For example, on my left is the University of Chicago obstetric center, on the right is 111 w Wacker. Further on is the Hyatt and Sheraton.

All of these buildings are testaments to people’s desire to do more in life. It is simply not enough to simply exist.

Instead, we were born to create something amazing in life. When you are online, you have the potential to create that lasting impact.

[bctt tweet=”When you are working online, you are creating a monument to your legacy. Something that will last a whole lot longer than you.” username=”andynathan”]

I would like to challenge you to come up with that monument.

Whether it is creating content that inspires, coaching and educating people, or being a virtual assistant to help others. Your chief goal can be as simple as inspiring others to achieve their goals.

You have to define your greatness. In order to do that, you need to know what that is. Then you can create your digital monument in the sky.

Look at a lot of great internet marketers over the past 20 years. They left a lasting impact on the internet world about what they have done.

So, I challenge you to do that. I implore you to do that!

Let me know what your monument is in the comments below. Also, let me know how I can help you create that monument in the sky.

Hoping to see your monument in the sky soon!