Facebook is a great Website to keep in touch with friends and meet new ones. It is easy and very convenient to use which is such an appeal to millions of people. Oftentimes, people use Facebook to communicate with their friends online rather than talk to them in person. It can be because of the distance or the lack of time among many other reasons.

But nothing still beats talking to a person and actually seeing them eye to eye. But with Facebook becoming such a big part of our culture – where we hear people say “I’ll Facebook you later,” it’s quite hard to imagine what our lives would be like without the social-networking site.

Perhaps we can use several of Facebook applications and adapt it in real life. For example, instead of using the events tab to invite people for an event, we should create fliers and pass them to our friends. Some will say that this will cost money and time. But then again, it’s not like we invite people to events everyday. Why not make a special occasion feel like an occasion where we can be creative?

Another example is to buy an actual album and print out pictures from your vacation and other events. This can be a nice thing to show to friends and talk about the pictures while having a glass of wine or something.

Instead of clicking the poke button to your friends’ page, why not actually make contact with them? Give them a hug or a kiss, or yes, even a poke. It’s definitely much more personal and intimate compared to a Facebook notification telling you you’ve been poked.

This is in no way stopping you from using Facebook. Though there are some things that need more physicality. Besides, it’s nice to sometimes change things up and expect the unexpected instead of knowing what’s to come thanks to some notifications.