Have you ever seen the bright, new shiny object that distracted you from the previous system you were using and just starting to work. That is the problem with the bright, new shiny object. They do not always help you achieve your goal, but they are bright and shiny.

I am not saying that there are not bright, new shiny objects that do not help you. I am saying that if you follow every bright, new shiny object then you will never find the consistency needed for success.

Why does this matter?

As internet marketers, social networking schmoozers, and search engine marketers we are always looking to stay one step ahead of everybody else. In order to do that, we get distracted by the bright, new shiny objects. It is not wrong to keep up to date, but it is something that you need to be conscientious of in order to keep tabs on what helps you become more effective.

5 Ways To Find Good Bright, New Shiny Object

  1. Does this fit with your current plan?
  2. How will this help you with your current marketing?
  3. Can you live without this? Will not having this object be the equivalent to living in the dark ages living among competitors in the Renaissance age.
  4. Does it distract you from what you need to do?
  5. Write down 5 ways this helps your business before purchasing the item. No impulse buys!

There is nothing wrong with the bright, shiny objects as long as they help your business. If not, there is no reason to get the bright, shiny objects then avoid them.