Book of TweetsIn honor of the launch of my new Kindle Book, the Book of Tweets is now free until Sunday, March 8th on Amazon.

The Book of Tweets is for all the entrepreneurs who ever asked me what they should talk about on Twitter. This information is specifically for tweets you can post on Twitter.

This book is a big smorgasbord of 1,001 Tweets. These include photo tweets, quotes, sayings, ideas, jokes, and other assorted tweets for a variety of businesses. Many of them I have used for my own business and for clients over the years.

I know that mentally the biggest challenge writing tweets is not the 140 character word count, but the time it takes to think of something new and creative every day. For most small business owners it is too much pressure to create something valuable and useful every day.

So what do they do? They resort to tweeting links and promoting products. While links and product promotion is a valuable part of your Twitter marketing strategy, it is not a strategy by itself.

In fact, sometimes it seems a bit lazy if that is all you do. Which reminds me of something that I need to mention here. I might be number on the lazy list when it comes to this type of Twitter marketing.

I have 40 different Twitter accounts. Many of them with thousands of followers. My main two Twitter accounts @andynathan and @smartatthestart have 67K and 35K followers respectively.

Yet, the massiveness of continually creating great tweets sometimes weighs on me. That is why I know this book is valuable. I would and do use it.

It is also something I want to change, and a large part of the reason I launched the Book of Tweets. I know that I can do better. I even know that with a little effort from both of us, we can achieve a heck of a lotta really cool stuff that engages prospects to learn more about your business.

Therefore, take the first step today by getting your free copy of the Book of Tweets below. It literally takes about a whole minute to receive your free copy this from Amazon, and is chocked full of great tweets and a surprise bonus inside. Ooh! Aah!


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