Are you looking to make your blog profitable? If so, you need to consider these seven strategies to help you with blogging for profit.

7 techniques to Blog for profit.

1. Finding new clients online

What is your niche? Are you an electrician? photographer? travel agent? social networking schmoozer? Creating a blog with useful information will help your readers understand more of what you do, and realize how much of a resource you can be to them. Then when they are thinking of using electrical, travel, social networking services they will be more likely to have you top of mind.

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2. Updating Current Clients

Blogging for profit does not mean just finding new clients. Instead, you can also use a blog as a great resource for your current clients by keeping them updated on new products, services, and events. This is great for an established company looking to keep up with the times and stay in touch with their savvy, online audience.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Ever see a link from the Social Networking Schmoozer with a parenthesis afterward stating affiliate? Yes, great then that is affiliate marketing. If you have not seen it then check below to the recommended websites. These are all sites that I use and believe in, and at the same time, I get a little bit of cash every time I recommend someone to use their services.

Want to become an affiliate? There are a number of great affiliate sites like Commission Junction and Amazon Associates.

4. Pay Per Click Revenue

A similar model to affiliate marketing is Pay Per Click marketing (PPC). The most famous PPC companies are Google and Facebook. Every time someone clicks on a link going to another site, you can earn a percentage of this advertising money based on a formula Google devised.

5. Selling Products Online

Another option for those creative types is to create your own product. I have known people who make six-figure incomes from selling their informational products online. For example, I have a course called 7 Scientific Formula to Profitable Blogging.

6. Subscriber List

Another way of using a blog is as an enticement for people to join a subscriber list. Provide people with valuable content on your blog, and demonstrate how they can receive more valuable information with your newsletters, podcasts, and/or video courses. Then at regular intervals provide the quality information for your paid subscribers to benefit from your advanced knowledge. You can then charge them an amount fair to what you are providing. A monthly newsletter with social networking tips might be $10/month. Maybe you will provide an entirely new internet course every month on a different topic related to your blog for $99/month. I once paid for a subscription to a real estate investor, who sent me an hour-long CD every month for $25/month. It was well worth it, and in one year he received $300 from me and every one of his subscribers for only 1 hour of work per month.

7. Directing Traffic To an E-commerce Store

This blogging for profit strategy is similar to selling products online, except that you have an entire store of products. The most notable e-commerce stores are Amazon,,, and eBay. That does not mean you cannot create your own E-store today with a blog driving in the traffic. Gather up a number of different products for a specific niche and start selling products there. Amazon began as a bookseller and later on expanded into different categories.

Learn More about Blogging For Profit

As you can see there are a number of ways that you can be blogging for profit. Choose the route that makes the most sense to you, so you can determine what topics you can talk about on a regular basis that you will earn you enough traffic for your blog to be successful. If you have additional questions about blogging for profit, check out my course 7 Scientific Formula to Profitable Blogging that covers how to go from start to profit with your blog.