So our  first Market Lately Blog Talk Radio show on Integrated Marketing with Lisa Blacker went off without that many hitches. However, that is exactly why I am the human Guinea pig for your marketing desires, so you know what went right and wrong during the show.

Just a short wrap up of the show and some tips for first time users. Then feel free to check out the show at the bottom of this post. Click play and you get to hear it all like it is live. Replay it for your listening pleasure.

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First, testing out the station ahead of time can be challenging if you have a free account. Note: I always want to use the free version so I can get a feel for a system first before buying. Plus 80% of all users on a system like this will do the same thing, so I need to know what they are doing. The free accounts are limited to 30 minutes 3 times in a month. No extra testing sessions or anything from what I could tell. Just 3 sessions and that is it. So, naturally I made a few mistakes in the first minute. You can skip it or learn how to recover from the mistake like I did. Either way, my bonus gift to you. Also, my recommendation is to start using the this in the last week of the month, so you can do a full test run without running into problems.

Second, when they say 30 minutes, they mean 30 minutes. At the end of 30 minutes they shut down the broadcast. This is the biggest difference between a webinar and radio show. The last 90 seconds there is a chime that comes on telling the moderator that the time is almost up. It is unnerving. I was in mid-sentence and lost my place. Best to have less content than overwhelming amounts, because it could be call action fatal.


Third, the studio is really to use, once you understand it. The one thing is to make sure that you unmute people right away. Make sure the button is red for them to speak.  For examples to the contrary go to #1.

Fourth, you do not know if anyone is listening in, other than the callers. Maybe i missed it in my first radio show haze, but aside from knowing that Josh Alexander, my co-host and Lisa Blacker, the best guest were there I was not sure if anyone was listening until the BTR updated the stats this morning.  The show had that all alone, talking to yourself feel, which I only like to do in front of walls.

Fifth, you can download the podcast as well. My next great adventure will be to upload the MP3 of the show to iTunes, Podcast Alley, and other podcast emporiums for additional listeners. I have never completely understood how to publish on iTunes, so the next great adventure/blog post will be coming in the next few days. Until then I might throw my laptop across my apartment.

So without further ado, check out this awesome interview with Lisa M. Blacker about integrated marketing.

Blog Talk Radio Interview with Lisa M. Blacker About Integrated Marketing


Listen to internet radio with Market Lately on Blog Talk Radio


We are already setting up the blog talk radio show for next week (Guest pending). It will be next Monday, February 13th at 5:30 PM. Let me know if you have any questions about the upcoming show, Blog Talk Radio, or integrated marketing in the comments below?

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