Since we discussed social networking etiquette last week, I thought a discussion of blog etiquette would be a nice complement to that topic. While they are different types of internet marketing, a lot of the same rules apply to both. For example, in blog etiquette, you need to make sure that you develop relationships with your readers and also do not spam people. However, there are subtle nuances that differentiate these two mediums. So let’s take a look at how to effectively use blog etiquette in your business.

Blog Etiquette Do’s

1. Spend more time educating then selling. I love the blogs where you go to them, and all you see are the different products that they are offering currently, and all of the updates to that product. It is annoying that people should believe that everything revolves around their company’s products. That indicates to me a lack of understanding of the outside world. Yes, every business, including mine will promote itself to help grow sales. I use this blog as a platform to reach potential clients. At the same time, my goal is to make your life easier by creating educational content about my topics related to business that makes you want to come back time and again to enjoy what I am sharing. Then you will want my services, because you know I am a trusted resource.

2. Check out other people’s blogs. My blog does not live in a vacuum. While, I would like to tell you it is the center of the universe, I know that there are a lot of other blogs out there with great content(although maybe not as good as mine)! In all seriousness, I check them out regularly to learn myself. I comment, share, and retweet other people’s information, just as I would want them to do for me. Depending on the blogger, it is more important then the money they make from the sale of their goods. I have got into the habit of commenting on other people’s blogs while I am at there site. It is not possible in every case, but a good philosophy to go by when you are browsing the internet.

3. Talk to your readers! I just emphasized the fact that you need to comment on other people’s blogs. So what happens when people actually comment on yours. You respond. Simple, right? Just like in real life conversations can occur. Danger! Danger! Personality needed!

Blog Etiquette Don’ts

1. No spambot comments! On the flip side of commenting there is the no spambot comments. When I first started my blog, I was so excited because after a few days I had a rash of comments coming in praising everything that I was doing. Yes! I rock! These people like what I had to say. Great! Then I noticed something very peculiar. The same people were making the same comments over and over again. Those (insert interesting word) were not there to help encourage me. They were building their SEO efforts by spamming me. I even did a public denunciation on some of the worst offenders. Do not spam, instead take the time to talk to me or do not come to this blog at all.

2. Pop up ads where you can not find the button to close it because it is such a huge box are annoying and do not help your business. I hate the site, where you go to a blog to read about the information, and as you begin to find out the information you were seeking, a pop up ad appears larger than the screen, so you have no choice but to exit the site. These annoyances do not help your sales and marketing strategies. Instead, they annoy your potential clients.

3. Solely use a blog to advertise your business. Just in case you were wondering, I help businesses use social networking more effectively! Please comment if you want me to spend the next month solely on advertising my products (please refer to number 2 of Blog Etiquette Do’s). I suspect that the majority of people do not want to listen to talk lovingly of my services post after post. Granted, when I see a need pop up I will explain in a blog post how I can help, but I do not spend the majority of my time blogging listing all the ways you should buy from me. By the way, do you know that I can help write blogs posts for you.

So as we come to the end of blog etiquette, please keep in mind to use proper etiquette when communicating to other people through blogs. Blogs are a tremendous tool for you to use in marketing your business. At the same time, those who do not use proper blog etiquette do so at their peril.