Blog carnivals are a great way to gain additional exposure for your blog. A Blog carnivals is when a blog will take a number of great articles from different blog topics and then post the entire list as a theme in one blog post. This way if you have a great depository of articles from other writers you can express them through blog carnivals with all of the articles in one place.

What Are Blog Carnivals?

blog carnivalsBlog carnivals are the equivalent to the Washington Journal taking articles from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Chicago Tribune, putting everyone’s best articles into their paper, and then distributing it to their readers. The organizer of blog carnivals benefit by creating a place where people can see a number of great resources together and the authors of the articles benefit by having additional exposure on someone else’s website.

For a writer, the combination of having your article linked back to your blog for additional SEO help plus the traffic from your blog carnival source can be a great way of promoting your blog to the world. The combination can be extremely powerful when you are displayed in the right carnival.

Blog Carnivals In Action

That is one of the reasons that I have decided to create my own blog carnival. I want to help businesses that have useful strategies on using social networking gain additional exposure for my readers blog posts. After almost one year of writing, it is time to start sharing other people’s viewpoints on social networking. While I have a lot of great information to share with you in the future, this will help provide an additional source of information and create a more balanced look at social networking through successful writers. I want to organize these great resources into one Blog Carnival on Saturday, January 29th.

For those who are reading this article and are interested in actually participating then here is what is required to participate. You need to have an original article that you have posted on your blog about using social networking to grow your business. The best information to include would be lists, such as the top 10 lists and also strategy posts.  Go to Blog Carnival to submit your article today.

Everyone else, please look forward to the 29th of January, when my first of many blog carnivals comes out with action packed information about how to effectively use social networking.