What are the best keywords for your buck when dealing with search engine optimization? For example, are the best keywords for your buck social media or social media agency. They are both great keywords, but which one has more buying power. That is exactly what we are the going to discuss today.

best keywordFirst, the what of this conversation. “What” do you mean by the best keywords? Every keyword not only has a certain pull in terms of searches per month and also competitive websites, but also has a pull in terms of buyers. Why is this important? You do not want to search for keywords that drive a lot of traffic, but very few buyers. I have a few keywords like that and they drive me up the wall! Everyday I will get 50-100 visits to the post, and maybe once a week I get an email sign up from that post.

That traffic has very little value to me, since my sign ups are minimal and the traffic from this site does not search out a lot of my other articles to learn more. That is why I am bringing this discussion up to you in the first place.

Second, when you say best keywords can you be a little more specific? Why yes I can! In fact, it is more important that you see this spelled out versus me explaining in long dramatic prose how this will work for your search engine efforts.

Buying Keywords Example

Let’s take the example from above to demonstrate the value of buying keywords that get the most bang for your buck.

Keyword                             Monthly Searches               Website Results

Social Media                              165,000                                            506 Million

Social Media Agency           5,400                                                  72 Million

Look at these two keywords and which one seems like the better one to you?


Scroll Down


One More Time


The truth is both are great keywords, but the one that excites me more is social media agency. Here’s why? Everyone is writing about social media. That is why there are 506 million competitive results. However, your competition is reduced significantly when you get to social media agency.

Why is that? The first reason is simple. People are lazy while searching and type in the easiest keyword they can think of that will get them the broadest searches possible. Social media requires less typing and henceforth faster results. That is why going for larger keywords like “dog” or cat is impractical versus “large dog” or “fat cat”.

Second, those who typed in social media agency are typing in a buying keyword. You do not generally look for a social media agency via Google, just to cure the Sunday blues. Unless, you are me and that would just be weird having two of us write this blog.  Instead, you are looking to engage in someone’s services. Henceforth, the best keyword for your buck would be the one that is easier to get into the top ten and also has a higher percentage of actual buyers.

Your final thought might still be, “why am I showing you this?” This is not solely a trick for social media. It applies across different industries. That is why you need to constantly stay vigilant for words that will attract additional attention for your business via search.

And that is exactly why it is so important to make sure that you are using the absolute best keywords when you are dealing with search engine optimization. Can I help you with finding the best keywords for your business?