Nothing says sexy like B2B SMS text marketing. That is exactly why we are going to discuss this today.  Yesterday we discussed SMS text marketing for retail stores. This conversation will be geared towards those who want to use mobile marketing in a professional service.

B2B SMS Text Marketing

Can it really be done? Yes!

Why else would we be talking about using SMS text marketing for business to business sales if there were no applications for this technology? How do you use it? I am glad you asked!

B2B SMS Text Marketing Example

Like yesterday when we created FHNE, let’s create a new business to business company that sells information to companies all over the world that help improve efficiency.  The name of the company, in this case, is: Bring Info To Everyone. Otherwise, known by their acronym: BITE. Giving you more bite for your buck!

BITE has decided they are going to hold a seminar to increase the number of prospects that they can have in the area. It will actually be a seminar with a monthly training schedule afterward for those who sign up. The seminar is free, but the monthly training series will be $50 per month.

In order to go all high tech and not bite the bullet, as they say there, by missing on some great technology to improve efficiency they decide to do an SMS text marketing drive at their seminar.

Using their email list, advertising, and other tactics BITE is able to bring 200 people to the initial seminar. After three hours of awesome information, the attendees have their head spinning with ideas and are ready to learn more.

That is when BITE’s VP of sales comes out and goes through the new monthly training series to show attendees how they can learn, even more, double their effectiveness, and get the bite out of their day.

After a rip-roaring sales preso, BITE is able to sell 40 monthly training series spots. Instead of telling people that they can go to the back of the room to purchase they get a little creative.

In the speech, they discuss how they want to save the environment, and just have less paperwork. So, they offer half off the first month to anyone who registers via their cell phone. If they text: BITE Me to 555-1234 then they will receive a link to pay on the spot with Paypal or a Credit Card.

Anyone who does not have this can go to the back of the room.

Out of the 40 attendees, 30 of the attendees use their phone and save $25 on the spot. Additionally, because BITE is not dumb they also offer a BITE size version of the seminar everyone attended for free. All people have to do is text, BULLET BITE to 555-1234.  An additional 100 people sign up for this freebie.

SMS Text Marketing Benefits

There are a few great things to having people use text to register.

First, when they sign up via text they are on your list. You can then send them updates regularly about the training schedule and also include other products that your company offers as well.

Second, putting it on their phone means they will be much more likely to see your information. As we discussed yesterday briefly, there is a much greater chance that people will check out a text message than an email.

Third, you are making it easier for the client. Instead of having to fill out a form with their information and then entering their credit card information they click a few buttons and boom! They are ready to BITE back!

Using SMS text marketing for a B2B setting can be a different way to engage your audience. It is easy to use and build your list so that you can have a stable source of income coming in without having to continuously prospect for business. If you have additional questions about how to use B2b SMS text marketing to build your business, feel free to schedule a 30-minute free consultation with me at AndyNathan.Net/Schedule