In today’s post we delve in deep to the Aweber WordPress Plugin. This post will be chocked full of action, animation, aweber, and, of course the Aweber WordPress plugin! Yeah Baby! I know I discussed the power of Aweber in Setting Up A Blog, but I really want to delve in the topic more.

aweber wordpress pluginOK! So here is the deal! I have been using Aweber for about a year and a half, and in the past 6 months the company has really made some nice strides to incorporate their Aweber WordPress plugin, so they can give people a more well-rounded experience. That coupled with the fact that email marketing is merging so much with my social networking that I decided that we will be spending the entire week discussing email marketing.

Yes, you get to hear me drone on and on about email marketing. It shall be an excitingwordpress week indeed! So, without further ado, let’s get started with the Aweber WordPress plugin with a short video describing how to set up an Aweber account and integrate it with WordPress.

Aweber WordPress Plugin Video

Get Started With An Aweber WordPress Plugin

You have to get started somewhere with Aweber, so the first and easiest step as I stated in the video is to sign up for a free account. Below is a test drive account to learn more about how Aweber works.

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Now, Let’s Get That Aweber WordPress Plugin Set Up

Once you have signed up for a free test drive with Aweber, then you just need to follow the instructions in the video for setting up a list and installing your Aweber WordPress Plugin.