As I continue to learn more about Augmented Reality business opportunities I want to start sharing these opportunities with you. That way you can see how powerful augmented reality can be for your business. Therefore, I want to spend some time going through the different opportunities here for you to get involved with using augmented reality for your business.

Augmented Reality Business Basics

First, I was thinking of this for sales people. Specifically those who have to contract with different business for services and products. Imagine using augmented reality in order to find qualified prospects in the area that you can do research on as you approach their business.

Second, for retail stores this is a great way to have locals view your pictures, reviews, and specials through augmented reality. With your business focused on how to get local clients, it will put you at a tremendous advantage to have your customers interacting with you through augmented reality.

Third, this will eventually start to bring videos to a whole new level of mobile. With the ability to have interactive videos you increase customer engagement and also the ability to convert more customers.

Fourth, with augmented reality you are putting videos in the palm of your hand. Imagine popping out with a 3D video that actually is found through augmented reality.Youtube is currently testing out 3D videos on their site. I did a practice social networking video to test it out.

Therefore, if you have 3D glasses check out the cool me that just pops into your life. I believe that while this is a nice test video, 3D video combined with augmented reality will start driving a lot of traffic in the future. The only thing that has to happen is for the technology to catch up, so a wide enough audience will keep up with the change to make it commercially viable.

In the meantime, we can explore the world of augmented reality business together as this new realm enters the public consciousness.



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