To that solitary LinkedIn Project Manager listed on the site I wish you warm regards. After all, you had the courage, the audacity, the ingenuity to come up with a title that is so unique that only 4,000,000 other members on LinkedIn use that description to tell others about them-self.

More so, my LinkedIn Project Manager friend, you made this bold move with the short excitement of putting the only words in your title as “Project Manager”. As if it were not bad enough that Charo, Cher, and Madonna have gotten away with their one name moniker’s for decades, you decided to outdo them with your stupendous ideas. It reminds me of the warm words of a Bolshevik Commissar discussing the 5 year plans. Brings a warm feeling to your heart, when you hear the word LinkedIn Project Manager.

Linkedin Project ManagerYou could have chosen a common description, such as Sales (6 million), or IT (4.2 million). Instead, you chose a profession that makes you stand out. I mean who could forget a name, such as project manager.

Instead, you should have done something that we would remember. Out of 90 million professionals on Linkedin, you only fill up a profession that by search takes up 5% of the LinkedIn population.

I just have a pointer or two to take this over the edge, (and of course drive the girls wild)! That is great to describe what you do, but also tell us how you can help us as you will see in the following project manager example.

LinkedIn project manager Now who you would you rather connect with? The guy who is a Project Manager with IBM or the guy who saved a Fortune 50 company $3.9 million? As an HR professional who would you hire? As a business who would you want to partner up with? The fact is that you need to tell people how you can help them in your Linkedin headline. That is why the example I just mentioned was so powerful. It demonstrates in your face wherever you see this person that he puts money in your pocket. A lot of money in your pocket.

In my own LinkedIn headline, I use:

Social Networking Schmoozer Providing Social Networking Solutions For Entrepreneurs To Grow Their Online Revenue.

This way you know I can help any Entrepreneur with their social networking challenges to grow their business. I have made entrepreneurs thousands of dollars from social networking. (Should have a solid dollar figure by the summer.) I want entrepreneurs to know how I can help them in addition to knowing what I do. What’s In It For Me happens on LinkedIn as well. Human’s being humans care for how they are affected in every situation.

This is why it is so important to differentiate yourself on LinkedIn. Tell people how you can help them. Let people searching for you have a reason to check out your profile. Otherwise you are LinkedIn project manager 4 million and 1.