As some of the more avid readers on this blog know I came out with a product at the beginning of the month called 28 Cent Articles. As part of that offer I also created a completely outsourced article writing package called Outsourcers Advantage.  While the concept is awesome, the challenge is that the business is coming in a little fast and furious for this. So, before I raise the price on this offer I want to extend this last offer to the readers here on my blog.

Please note that we actually use the process discussed in 28 Cent Articles to create these articles for you. If you want 28 Cent Articles for free continue reading.haunted articles

So here is the low down: This package is way under priced. Like haunt me now for actually thinking this would be enough pricing. So, I am raising the price November 1st. Before I did that I wanted to give everyone a fair shot at the last time they will ever see this deal offered on my blog or website again. Seriously! This is the type of deal, where it seems like the bodies of the dead will rise on Hallow’s eve and snatch it away if you do not !

So, how does Outsourcers Advantage work?

Very simple, either the first ten people or by November 1st I will be offering this scarily low price of $75 for 25 articles. Whichever comes first will trigger the end of this scary spectacular!

That is right!

$3 per article! Do not ask why I would do it! What could make someone so crazy. The fact is that I am and you have to accept the idea that you are reading the blog of a haunted man!

Outsourcers Advantage is great, because:

  • It allows internet marketers to have a consistent flow of content throughout the month to keep their sites fresh.
  • The ability to send articles over to directories for backlinks…and get approved.
  • Smonee deos not hvae to udernstad a feiorn lnguaage or use an elncoypeida to aprepcatie the cnotnet on yuor wbsetie. (Someone does not have to understand a foreign language or use an encyclopedia to appreciate the content on your website.)
  • 300-500 word clearly written descriptions of your various topics.
  • We will spend 15 minutes writing each article and then another 10 minutes proofing and researching the articles..

So, now the big question is how does this work?

It is a very simple 1-2-3 step process that we have created.

1. Click on the buy button below for 25 articles for $75 package.

2. Once your order is complete you will receive within 48 hours our Article Success Package. Follow the instructions and email it back to us at

3. We then put your articles through our system and turn it out, so you can post your articles.

Now, for those who are asking. These are good quality articles. They are not works of art that will last the ages. Instead they are quality content that delivers for your customers.

They are also your articles to do whatever you want with them. You bought them we hold no rights, except to use them in our portfolio to show off our quality work to future clients. We will, however, keep them off the web directly and put them on PDF’s so it does not ruin any SEO juice you need from these articles.

The regular price for these articles are $150 for 5 articles (see here for regular price). But when you take action right now, you can get it at 50 plus% discount over our traditional article prices. All you need to do is click the link below:

25 Articles For $75


Andy Nathan

P.S. Boo! If that did not scare you, then this might give you a fright! For the first 3 people who purchase this product by November 1st, I will also include 3 free copies of 28 cent articles!