Dear readers,

I want  to offer an apology to my readers who came to this blog last week. I was out of town and set up some videos posts to play while I was unavailable to work on the blog.

Unfortunately, I found out after the fact that all of the videos played at the same time on my homepage. I want to apologize to anyone who was bothered by this inconvenience and to let everyone know that this issue has been resolved and will not happen again.

On a more positive note, because of my time away I was able to gather some new perspectives about business and marketing that are not quite social networking, but will help everyone who reads my articles gain a greater appreciation for how to use social networking in their business. In the upcoming posts I will share more with everyone some of the cool thoughts and insights that i gained from my travels.

With that in mind, please keep checking up on this blog for new and innovative information about social networking and your business. If you have any questions or comments about the previous posts, please feel free to comment below. I will address your questions in a timely manner. Thanks!


Andy Nathan