There are different methods of online marketing. A product, website, service, etc., available online can be marketed in different ways, one of which is Affiliate Marketing. The term affiliate marketing is self-explanatory. An affiliate means a partner, associate, member, colleague, or a contact, who promotes one’s website, product or service on his/her own marketing efforts. Such affiliates are rewarded for every new client they get in. The reward could be in cash or in kind, depending on the organization’s policies. In web marketing, the concept of affiliate marketing works very well. However, we see the same, in our day-to-day life. We see people recommending some particular store or brand to someone; we see people engaging in chain marketing and getting new people in the business, etc.; all this is affiliate marketing. The same concept applies to different websites providing different services or information, like sample resumes, resume writing, online resume services, online shopping, etc.

This terminology in online business can be simply put forth as the act of promoting a business, and in turn getting rewarded for the same. The best way of promoting a business through affiliate marketing is through your blogs. When you as a writer or publisher, promote some product or service on your blog, and your followers pay attention to the same, your half task is done. For further action, your writing should be such that the readers not only read your blog, and look at the website you have mentioned, but also buy something, or avail of their services, in case of resume websites uses their resumes, etc. Thus, for every client or user that you add to the promoted website, you get paid or rewarded.

Besides buying, when you refer a particular website to someone, and that particular person registers on that website, provides a phone number or email address, and takes up a survey, you get points, or monetary rewards for the same.  In terms of commission, the percentage is usually fixed, and the person referring others will get commission based on the number of referrals he/she generates.

Get started, and use affiliate marketing for promoting shopping websites, sample resume websites, resume cover letter websites, online surveys, etc., and get paid or rewarded in turn.