There are so many social networking options out there today, it sometimes get’s confusing which works best. I have definitely been there! In fact, my entire experience with social networking has been one of trial and error.

I am not a marketing major, and do not have the traditional corporate background that you would expect of someone who has helped hundreds of businesses use social networking more effectively to bring in business.

Instead, my story with social networking starts when I was a mortgage broker in 2007. As an attempt to build my business in a declining mortgage market, I started using LinkedIn. While, I did not use it that much, it was the beginning of a journey that would completely change my life.

LinkedIn then led to me using Facebook for my business in 2008. I actually put $1000 into Facebook Ads and did not get one single call, email, or sign up from these early efforts. I did learn then and there that Facebook ads might not be the best route for me, and that I should not just leave the recurring billing left on accidentally.

That is when I realized that maybe having some education in this would be helpful. I went to a few seminars to help me learn how to do this “social networking” thing correctly.

wordcamp chicago with me

My First WordCamp


Using the information I learned I started connecting with prospects and referral partners on  Facebook correctly and integrated my usage there with Twitter. As I did, I started getting some calls from these marketing tools. The challenge was that as I was getting better at bringing in more business from social networking, the mortgage market continued to deteriorate.

So, I started looking for a new way career path. I was not sure what I would do, but I knew that increasing my network would be very helpful. As I searched for a new direction in life, I started to show family and friends the basics of social networking.

That is when I decided to start training business professionals to start using social networking. I picked up some clients within the first month. I started intensely studying social networking and blogging, so I could do this correctly.

And then there were the mistakes. More than I could count. More than I could imagine. It makes me understand that the more mistakes I make in life, the smarter I become. I am not a genius, but somewhere near an idiot savant at social networking because of my knowledge of 10 ways to everything wrong in social networking.

In fact, this blog was originally started as a correction of previous blogs that did not work out. I tested, tried, and eventually found ways to succeed. That is a large part of the knowledge that I impart in this blog. It is from my experiences. The good news is that I am continually making mistakes, so there is plenty to learn here on this blog.

Even better have been my successes. Over the past 5 years, I have worked with hundreds of clients in over 75 different industries improving their blogging and social media.

In that span of time, I have personally written over 4,000 articles for clients and myself. Fox News, WGN, and AM 560 the WIND have all interviewed me about my approach to content.

560 AM Wind Interview

Furthermore, I am regular speaker at WordCamp Chicago and Milwaukee as well as SCORE Chicago.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about my journey! I hope that it helps you understand a little bit more about why I started this blog, and how I can help you improve your social media and blogging.