As some of you already know I just got a new Android phone, which could usher in a new era for mobile blogging. At least for myself. Good news is that I already loaded WordPress on my Android phone, so I can start mobile blogging.

The maker of my new Android is Pantech. I had never heard of them before purchasing, but I think they are part of AT&T. Which is kind of funny, because I have Verizon. Anyways, I wanted to just talk about my leap to “The 21st century” as my wife calls it. She says it is a really cool place to be. Yet to be determined!

Here are my favorite 5 things about the new android, plus 5 things that drive me up the wall. Finally, I have a link for you to get a free Android.

5 Things That Lead To Me To Love Mobile Blogging

  1. I have two video cameras on the phone. How cool is that! While I have not figured out the whole wifi to Youtube thing yet. I am confident that I will figure something out. Otherwise, I can just use my USB connection to my computer, like I did for my video for my webinar tomorrow.
  2. Skype takes on a whole new meaning now. It is cool, except for the keyboard, which stinks. Will discuss more later.
  3. I can now record things with my voice! I speak, my phone listens. Me masterful with power of voice! But, seriously really cool stuff here. Not just because I am saying, but also because this means that I can talk and blog now.
  4. My camera is now a 5 Megapixal camera with complete zoom options versus my old Blackberry which was a 3.2 megapixal with 2x zoom only.
  5. It is so much lighter on the WordPress app. It is easier to comment on other people’s posts and also just use the WordPress app in general.

5 Things That Lead To Me To Hate Mobile Blogging

  1. The darn touch screen is the death of all that is good in the world. I miss my keyboard. Where are you old friend?
  2. The video upload is a challenge for mobile blogging, because it takes away some of the mobile part and tethers you to a laptop.
  3. Did I mention that swipe technology for typing is an absolute nightmare. I was skyping Kim Castleberry from Ask Kim last night about some projects and she asked if I was drunk, because my typing was that bad. She thought it was funny, I wanted to toss my Android.
  4. These next two are not so much a mobile blogging challenge as a challenge with Android. First, my contact list now automatically imported all of my Google plus contacts. That is not bad by itself, but the challenge is that I then have to go to Google plus to contact them. What is the point of adding that into my contacts if there are not other ways to contact them. An additional, 1000 people is not always good to have on a contact list. Clutter!
  5. My calendar does not work. How can I schedule my amazing thoughts, events, and meetings? Will figure out shortly.

So, there you have it. My renewed foray into mobile blogging and Android phones.

For those who are interested in possibly getting a free android phone CLICK HERE!