I recently passed 500 blog posts. When I passed 100 blog posts I thought that was insane, but 500 blog posts is an absolutely crazy number. I am sure that Mashable or Wikipedia would laugh at such an insurmountably small number of posts, but for me this is a massive number of posts.

More importantly I look back at the last year and 9 months of blogging to see how far I have come and also how I have a tremendous up-swell in readers from 1 to maybe 2-3 now. From my first my first post and every post since then, it has been an incredible ride where I have learned more about myself than the industry I follow.

500 Blog Posts

So, here are 5 things that I have learned about myself over my 500 blog posts.

  1. Sometimes I forget that I write for other people. Writing a blog is great for stress relief.  When I am annoyed at something I can discuss it.  I see Facebook Ads…everywhere,  and Get To The Point When Networking are perfect examples. Other times it is when I mess up: I Messed Up Big Time. For this reason alone I feel more relaxed and able to help other business owners.
  2. I am really funny! Disqus Vs Intense Debate Vs ReCaptcha Vs WordPress Comment System Die and  Social Networking Blog Duh List 10 Times Over  are just some of the crazy posts I have made over the last year or so.
  3. I will never end up winning a Pulitzer prize for my grammar! My wife wonders how I actually manage to blog every day with such pathetic grammar. I think she might wonder how I get out of bed and actually function, but that is a different story. For those looking for long lines of elegant prose, please read Poe or Thoreau! you not come here looking for perfect grammar. It never happen!
  4. There is a lot of learning in blogging. When you start you learn how to set up WordPress, Themes, Plugins, and such. Then when you finish that y0u have to start writing great content, doing seo, and building your optin lists. Finally, you have to constantly be looking for things that are interesting and help people. If you have a question about it, I guarantee that someone else has as well.
  5. Finally just be yourself. If someone does not like your take on the world then there are just a few other options out there for them to go. No need to be rude, no need to be insulted, unless I deliberately insulted you. If I did please let me know, because if you are going to be mad at me I would love to come up with a real reason.  Shock and dismay at my comments is simply not enough.

There you have it! My take on the few wee lessons that I have learned from a wee more than 500 blog posts.