Social Networking Deserter Report

It is all about the ROI! It is all about the ROI! A lot of hard line business people tell me that all they want to see is that when they put $100 into social networking $200 comes out(and quickly). They are in my mind the social networking deserters. While the sentiment of watching your ROI is not a terrible one, what they are ignoring is that social networking is not the one shot deal that you hear about on TV. The means are as important as the end result, which is why the social networking deserters are everywhere.

I spoke yesterday about persistence and the ability to continue in social networking until you succeed. Today I want to talk about the quitters. These are the people who will never stay in social media. I think that is a good thing, but I definitely want your input if we want these people around.

Here are the 7 signs to watch out for in a social networking deserter:

1.  Me, me, me, me, me, me. Sing the social networking song of those who do not know how to use social networking. Me, me, me, me, me, me, me. Thou in it for thouself(grammar please excuse me), thou social network by thouself. The first thing a real social networking professional will do when they start using social networking is spread the word on someone other than themselves. Retweet 10 people on Twitter, Like 5 people on Facebook, etc.

2. Good news! They just Foursquared that they got bread at the market, and now we should all use their real estate services, because they know the area. Ah, bull…oney! I enjoy Foursquare as much as the next social media addict (4 mayor-ships and counting). At the same time, irrelevant posts are a time waster that I will not accept as a good upstanding Social Networking Schmoozer!

3. When they have nothing useful to say…they keep speaking. Just zip it and listen!

4. They connect with everyone in rapid fire Facebook friend request with nary a message and no further communication, except to send you their link, which they forgot to send you the first time around. Do you hear the crickets a calling! Yes, I do my dear, dear Facebook friend of 3 hours, 17 minutes, and 23 seconds. Unfortunately, our long-standing romance has reached it’s inevitable conclusion. Speaking of which, I am slowly, ever so slowly reaching out to everyone in my Facebook network. Those who do not respond after a reasonable period of time will be evicted, in lieu of the 600 plus friends awaiting entry and rabid at the chance of being my friend. Boo-yah!

5. In reference to number sign number one of a social networking deserter. I retweet their stuff, time and time again and get no love. I do not expect a retweet. What I do expect is a thanks, how are you, what you up to. Some sign of life that they actually live and exist in our world. Did the fail whale get you? Did the facebook monster destroy you? Common courtesy is appreciated.

6.  Social networking has nothing to do with playing Farmville and Mafiawars. I will burn down your crops! Kill your mafia quartet! Get back to meeting people!

7.  Relax! Breath! The numbers, the numbers, the numbers! If you only think about numbers then people will cease to matter. The challenge is that only people make buying decisions, not numbers. Social networking is about working with humans, who have emotions, thoughts, feelings, and ideas. They will not fit comfortably into your little square box of links plus followers plus retweets=millions plan that the gurus promote! Focus on the relationship instead.

With that being said, I absolve any of you now reading this post, who has been a social networking deserter, of your social networking sins! You may now go out and connect with the world. Spread these words of social networking virtuosity around the world (in 80 days or less if possible) and then sit down and re-connect with those you have not spoken with in a long time.

The point of social networking was to meet people and to build a profitable relationship over time. Not one day, one weekend, one month, or even one year. Some of these relationships will take years before they ever become profitable. Other’s will happen sooner than you think when the numbers become obsolete and you really find out about the person behind the tweets.

Now that you have the 7 signs of a social networking deserter, please be on the lookout!