Ever want the SEO press release tips that just shout from the virtual rooftops of millions of searches,”Hey, I’m here. Come on over?” Then you are in the right place. Press releases are amazing way to gain visibility for your company through the search engines very quickly. Plus, using this format, you can also have mainstream press agencies follow what is going on with your business, website, or blog.

So the first question is what is an SEO press release?

The answer is very simply a press release distributed throughout the internet using various online press release distributions services to get the word out through the internet.

That brings us to what are the best SEO press release tips to use:

Top 7 SEO Press Release Tips

  1. Do Keyword Research! Use tools, like Google’s external keyword tool to help find the right keywords to use for maximum effect.
  2. Have a great title that draws people in, while at the same includes your keywords.
  3. Have a brief 1-2 sentence summary that discusses what your press release is about. Remember for news agencies to pick up your story, it has to be brief. They are busy, and having a short, concise summary helps them quickly decide if they can use your press release.
  4. Have a body that is about a few hundred words. Go into more detail, but make sure that you are subjective in your writing. Being overly salesman like is something that will not help you here.
  5. Have a Boilerplate ready. Do you have a brief company or personal bio that you use. Make sure that when you are doing regular press releases that you have a standard bio to include with relevant contact information. This way you do it once, and afterwords it is plug and play.
  6. Provide a call to action at the end of your press release for a reporter to use your information, or have your website that you want to direct the press. Remember, the more they check out your information, the greater the chance they bought into your vision. Note: Do not make this a cheesy sales call to action.
  7. Use a press release syndication service to get your press releases distributed to a few different services, including Pr.com, PR9.net, Express-Press-Release.net, Newswiretoday.com, and PrWeb.com

The great thing about press releases is that it quickly takes your public relations online to the next level fast. Let us know what your favorite SEO press release tips was?