Digital marketing strategies can come from anywhere and everywhere as you will see in this post today.

Just to give you some background, a few weeks ago I asked digital marketers to list the biggest negative Digital Marketing Strategy.

I thought we should flip the switch on that question, and ask entrepreneurs what their favorite digital marketing strategies are. The response was overwhelming.

We have 69 (I swear this was the number of quality responses) digital marketing strategies below from marketing agencies and regular entrepreneurs. These digital marketing strategies span the range in what you can do for your business from SEO to Social Media to Content Marketing to Website Creation and more.

Before you start perusing these digital marketing strategies, keep in mind that you can also learn how to take your digital marketing from Sucks to Bucks with the condensed checklist below. Click the link below to learn more.

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The Top 69 Digital Marketing Strategies

Nathan Williams                                                                    Crazy Eye Marketing

My favorite digital marketing strategy is the One-Time-Offer (OTO).

I’ll offer a lead magnet in the form of a guide, checklist, or simple video tutorial and on my thank you page, I present an OTO that gives people the ‘next step’ after the lead magnet. I keep the cost of the OTO under $10 with the goal to break-even on ad spend.

Of course, after the purchase of the initial OTO, I present yet another OTO that’s the ‘next, next step’ and a little pricier.

I OTO until I’m out of ideas on stuff to sell.

Cormac Reynolds                                                                      My Online Marketer

Promoting content the right way on Reddit can be a great way to reach a specific audience and really get some eyes and clicks on your content.

The main thing with Reddit is to get people to upvote your content to the top of the pile. Needless to say some subreddits have their own rules for upvoting and downvoting – so attention to each group needs to be paid. That said, it can be a great way to really push content and helps you earn backlinks.

David Leonhardt                                                                    THGM ghostwriters

My favorite digital marketing strategy is as old-school as they come – networking. By sharing knowledge in various online venues and building relationships, I get a lot of referral work and subcontracting work.

Networking is a hub for other digital marketing strategies.  It leads to:

  • greater social media reach
  • valuable backlinks to my content
  • increased website traffic
  • increased leads
  • quicker troubleshooting
  • an army of colleagues I can deploy for clients when needed (I like how that sounds!)

Adithya Murali                                                                        TechWyse 

Often, digital marketing strategies that actually ‘work’ are tailored to the needs of the organization. At TechWyse, we have tried and tested methods for different reasons, and not all of them are for links and traffic.

We regularly interview industry leaders on the TechWyse blog, and while this is mainly aimed at establishing relationships with great marketers, we also manage to drive in traffic, links and shares. We also get to tap into the audience of the marketer we interview. Our interview post on Larry Kim continues to drive in traffic to the site 2 years after we published it, and has helped us in establishing a relationship with Larry.

For link building, our best strategies are free tools and infographics. We have two great tools on the site: A lorem ipsum dummy text checker, and a Facebook image checker that checks if images fulfil Facebook’s 20% text policy. The image checker tool drives in tens of thousands of visitors to the site every month and is great link bait. The great thing about free useful tools is that you can reach out to bloggers in your niche, and let them know about it.

Infographics are rather saturated now, but can still drive in links and traffic when done right. The key to getting your infographics right is to use ‘shoulder niches’ or niches related to your target niche. For example, the ‘mental disorders’ niche is a broader shoulder niche to the ‘addiction and rehab’ niche. When you look at internet marketing this way, there are a great many areas where you can push out infographics using freely available data online.

Casey Markee                                                                             Media Wyse

Be helpful. I run my business with a people-first approach. If I can answer a question in ten minutes I’ll do it. For free. I also regularly speak at conferences and industry events, conduct SKYPE, Google Plus Hangouts and Twitter chats, and make myself available (within reason) whenever possible.

Doing so increases my brand visibility which generates brand mentions which in turn generates links and higher search visibility. Building up one’s expertise and brand authority can’t be understated. We know Google values EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) through their Google Quality Rater Guidelines. Anything you can do to further your own brand and get cited in the process is a win-win.

Be helpful. And the end result may just be a long-term success in Google.

Ivan Kostadinov                                                                      Local Fame

My personal favorite is to ask customers to leave a review. Being involved in a large number of Local SEO campaigns, my team and I measure just how important testimonials are for their success. More than ever, internet marketing is one enormous table where everyone can talk to each other, communication is crucial for any business – franchises, restaurants, locksmiths, dentists, lawyers. Talk to your clients, allow them to talk to each other and to form a community online, and they will do a large part of the SEO for you.

The first step is to educate the business owner or whoever is responsible for the communication with the customers to simply ask for feedback online. Create a couple of easy user-friendly procedures (that doesn’t take too much time) that people would gladly use. Remember, everyone wants to help, you just have to create the means for that to happen. This can be a bit tricky if you are a pest control company, but success is never easy.

Donna Smith Bellinger 

Introducing Periscope and Blab into my marketing. By connecting it to my website and newsletter as a more personal intro to my content and my style of delivery. It is fun and gives me a live rehearsal for new content. A safe place for experimentation and feedback.

CJ Jelinek                                                                                  Jelly Sites

One of the best marketing tools I use is my “site by Jelly Sites” link at the bottom of the websites I build.

Curt Kessler                                                                             Guaranteed Rate

Guaranteed Rate has a proprietary site called the Partner Exchange. It helps marketing businesses. Additionally, we use Sprout Social to manage our social media.

Bernard Small                                                                        Creative Apartment Rental

I bring in clients through my monthly email on MailChimp. I keep my name top of mind, so when they need a realtor they can talk to me.

Jon Adler                                                                                   Law Office of Jon Adler

I have a website that helps potential clients learn more about me and how I can help them with legal issues that may arise.

Moshe Klein                                                                             MKA Business

The SEO research we do provides online exposure for the firm because it helps our target market find us online.

Mary Jane Sanchez                                                                WurkHub

Websites-All roads should lead to your website. Your website should wow visitors, be interactive, be your workhorse and your anytime salesperson. A website should have analytics, on-page SEO, collect emails, provide current information about your products and services and most important; convert visits to sales.

Digital Marketing- At WurkHub we use cinemagraphs, video, menu boards and digital campaigns in the appropriate places to attract an audience and apply to one of the goals. Target, attract, convert and measure at each step is the WurkHub formula to success.

Tim Juliussen                                                                         SEO Sparta

Here are some items that have worked for me in the past:

First- concentrate on your main platform on a hosted/shared domain. All content must first be placed on the domain that you own and then promoted by social media. Social media should not be your main platform.

Second- Concentrate on ethical link building. Do not buy links. If someone is helping you with this, make sure they are doing everything by hand (not automated).

Third- If you are an expert, start a podcast. Get some interesting guests. It will become readymade content for the blog and will drive loads of traffic.

Anna Fox                                                                                     Hire Bloggers

I am really digging into  Viral Content Buzz: I share a lot from there (That’s my motivation to keep my social media accounts active too. I think I’d drop Pinterest but for my habit of sharing from VCB). But more importantly, getting others to share your own content. I use it for both my own website and clients’ article I ghost-write. They love me for that because the article I write is always shared and clicked more than an average article on their average article.

It’s nice that they have quality control too (The queue may take some time to get published but once you have enough Karma, you no more worry about that because your projects bypass moderation).

BuddyScalera                                                                           Comic Book School

My favorite Digital Marketing Strategy is maintaining a large list of publisher submission guidelines for my target audience, which is aspiring comic book creators.

I update the list every few months and republish it so that I can add and remove publishers who are open to writing and art submissions from comic book creators. It was a lot of work to develop the list, but maintenance is relatively easy and my audience tends to visit the page when I announce updates.

RosemaryBrisco                                                                     To The Web, LLC

Our agency is always looking for the secret sauce to lead generation for our clients. After analyzing 2015/16 client site data, we identified the digital marketing strategies that drive prospects and lead activity.

After reviewing the data across multiple client accounts, we see an uptick in lead activity coming from on-site interactive tools. Not only do the tools get shared socially, but they are increasing site rankings for a broader range of keyword phrases than other content on the site. This is resulting in more organic traffic.

Our own agency site shows that tools offer a terrific way to drive a continuous stream of high-quality visitors at no additional cost, year after year. In one year we have seen triple-digit growth in organic free traffic to our tools pages and our clients have experienced a similar uptick.

Paul Berry                                                                                RebelMouse

RebelMouse is the first publishing platform fully wired to distribute content via social media. It is built and backed by the people behind BuzzFeed, Klout, Vayner Media & Buddy Media.

RebelMouse works with global brands including Time Inc., GE, Discovery and The Dodo. RebelMouse
social media distribution products, which enable clients to quickly experience a 2x-3x lift in on-line traffic, include the fully customizable Rebel Roar, the plug-and-play Rebel Runner, and the soon to be released, Rebel Discovery, which is compatible with any CMS.

Nick Braun                                                                               Pet Insurance Quotes

My favorite marketing strategy is focusing on users and customers. Too many entrepreneurs focus on the top of the funnel and how many visitors they’re getting. Most online marketers focus on SEO, paid search and social media, which are important, but not the best solution.

The best solution is to focus on the middle and end of the funnel. Build a relationship with the people who did buy from you and treat them all like VIP’s. This strategy helps entrepreneurs constantly improve the product or service and creates long-term, valuable word-of-mouth growth.

Rob Boirun                                                                     

Our favorite digital marketing strategy has been utilizing Facebook Ads for both leads as well as working on instant sales. The first step in the process is to create a free report or giveaway of some sort that is worth the customer entering their email address. From this, we organically grow our contact list and offer something of value that the customer can use. After this, we have a series of newsletters or follow-ups that expand on the free content. This typically includes a course or software component that will help even further to what the customer has expressed interest in.

The great thing about Facebook ad targeting is you can really fine-tune a campaign and focus in on what age groups, locations, and interests convert best. Once these are in place you can almost predict the outcome based on the number of people that see the ads.

SamHoober                                                                             Tedder Industries

Content marketing and SEO are vastly better than any other alternatives. Granted, that’s not to say that social media, PPC and buying ads won’t yield any results – they will – but marketing content and focusing on organic search is going to deliver a lot more for your spend. Since you can also target conversion keywords with SEO, that will deliver a lot more traffic that’s looking to buy rather than just read articles, watch videos or browse, and as a result, you can get a far lower cost per acquisition and higher conversion rate than with any other digital marketing strategies.

Samantha R. Strazanac                                                      Strazanac Solutions

My favorite digital strategy is social media, most specifically Facebook targeting. The reasons I prefer Facebook targeting over Adwords is that with Adwords you are only able to target people who are looking for that particular service or product at that time. However, with Facebook targeting, you are able to target individuals who have expressed interest in that particular service in the past or based on their specific needs fit your business. With targeting you are able to stay at the forefront of their mind and newsfeed without being searching for directly.

For example, one of my clients is a wedding florist and their current campaign is targeting all females between the ages of 21-40 who are not only engaged but have been viewing wedding related businesses and websites. While they are not necessarily looking for a wedding florist, they are looking at wedding businesses and thus they are more likely to need a wedding florist than someone who is marked at “single” and based on their search history, has no interest in wedding businesses and vendors.

Richard Kelleher                                                                    Marketing Sociologist

Never, ever use @username first on a tweet. No one sees it. Social media is for marketing. If you want to communicate privately with a person, send a DM (direct message). So the world sees your tweets, start with anything other than @username. The @username with the period at the beginning doesn’t always work either.

Pamela Barsky                                                                        Pamela Barsky, Inc

We’ve had the best luck with Instagram. we post pictures of our product, often reposting customers pics with credit three to five times per week (no more than that or we see diminishing returns) we see an immediate bump in sales of that product and we’ve found, at holiday, customers come in with an Instagram shopping list—they hand us their phone with a stream of product pics they want to buy. it has been fantastic and fuels our online sales.

Elizabeth Venafro                                                                  True Exec

Technology has made it easier to connect with customers on a more frequent basis. With that said, companies should take more of a “pull” than “push approach. Do not overwhelm customers with content, but rather, be ready for them when they want to engage.

In order to execute this strategy effectively, the corporate website needs to be extremely user-friendly and accessible on all devices. These days, there is no excuse for having a website that is not optimized for mobile. Along those lines, we need to focus more on promoting customer experience versus just telling potential customers what we do. This does not necessarily require the development of an “app,” but an engaging, well designed, mobile-friendly website at the very least.

Evan Finkelstein                                                                    Smart Sites

Content marketing is the cornerstone of effective digital marketing strategies. We’ve found that producing high-quality content is an easy way for us to appear more trustworthy, and more knowledgeable than our competitors.

Performing some keyword research and crafting content to address our potential customers’ needs goes a long way towards establishing a valuable customer relationship. Well-targeted content marketing also meshes with and improves the effectiveness of our other digital marketing techniques such as search engine optimization and pay per click marketing.

Brett Bastello                                                                         Inseev Interactive

My favorite digital marketing strategy is Link Building because it has many secondary benefits. Primarily, link building is used to raise your website’s prominence among the search engines.

Outside of a sheer SEO play, however, link building is still a powerful marketing strategy. For example, guest posting on a well-known industry publication brings strong brand awareness for your company; offering your web assets as a resource for other websites will bring you targeted referral traffic.

Furthermore, when strategized in tandem with your brand’s content development, link building allows you to target all levels of the customer acquisition funnel. Targeting high-level customers is important, but probably not the best use of your PPC budget, which is better to be optimized for customers further down the funnel.

Brandon Howard                                                                     All My Web Needs

My favorite digital marketing strategies combine search engine optimization (SEO) and re-targeted ads. When you focus on SEO to drive traffic to your website you are targeting potential customers at the exact moment in time that they are looking for what you provide. You can’t find more qualified leads than that.

However, not everyone converts into a customer right away so I like to leverage re-targeted ads on social media and AdWords. That allows me to capitalize on people that came to my site already when they were looking for it by serving them ads even when they aren’t thinking about it. I know they are qualified leads that are interested in my products/services and I can spend pennies on the dollar for serving ads to them from my own re-targeting list.

Pujah Shah                                                                               Stylight 

Stay Relevant and Consistent. With the number of social media platforms and content distribution tactics cluttering the digital space right now, it’s so important to stay relevant and consistent. We, as brands, need to be proactive in keeping our target audience and current consumer base in mind during every stage of planning.

We ask ourselves: what’s interesting to our target group? what are they talking about right now? where do they consume content and where do they share content? Keeping our audience’s perspective in mind helps us to confidently focus our strategy, and engage with the right consumers at the right time.

Visuals > Content. With the increasing amount of social media platforms and content distribution tactics– the digital space is extremely cluttered. Therefore, it’s crucial that our content is accompanied with compelling images to engage our consumers/readers.

Kent Lewis                                                                                Anvil

Social media advertising (paying to play)- Social media has evolved radically from the days of bulletin boards, chat rooms and forums in the ’90s.

SnapChat and Instagram have grown significantly, nipping at the heels of giants like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. The platforms were initially able to offer advertisers something that Google could not: the ability to target unique individuals based on demographic and psychographic data.

A majority of these popular social platforms adopted another way to increase revenues, which was to artificially limit the flow of updates users sees. Instead of 100 percent reach, updates from brands were only being seen by 5 to 10 percent of fans/followers. Brands that spent time and money to increase their number of fans/followers were suddenly required to boost updates in order to reach those same fans.. As frustrating as this turn has been for brands and followers, brands have seen a return-on-investment (ROI) from investing in boosted/promoted posts. As a result, this pay-to-play model will likely continue well into the future.

Max Soni                                                                                    Qumana

Here’s how we find and replace dead Wikipedia links to generate traffic to our clients.

Wikipedia is a great source of traffic. Often, our company will scour through Wikipedia pages – pertinent to our client, and find broken links. We’ll then add the content, which the Wikipedia article is referencing, to our clients’ website. We then insert our client into the place of broken links. Through this tactic, we’ve generated 100’s of visitors each month, to individual clients. It provides value to Wikipedia, while at the same time generates high quality + relevant traffic to our clients. We’ve consistently seen Wikipedia traffic convert into sales/leads.

You can find broken Wikipedia links by typing the following into Google: “your topic” intext:” dead link”

Replace your topic with the nature of your business/service

For example, “SEO” intext:” dead link”

(if you were looking for SEO related dead link pages). You would type this directly into google, and then Google would show you a list of Wiki pages relevant

Sam Barnes                                                                               Heli Guy

Building great digital marketing strategies isn’t easy. It takes time and data.

However, the basis of everything should be your end-user, whoever that is.

In really simple terms the best marketing strategies are built on five simple steps.

  1. Who – think about who your target market is. Using personas is the obvious way to go.
  2. What – Find out what problems, issues, questions or concerns your target audience have.
  3. How – Do some competitor research on people doing well in your industry or complementary industries. What format does their most successful content take? Do your audience consume content in multiple formats?
  4. Create – Based on all your research, answer your target audiences questions with the right kind of content on the right channels.
  5. Distribute – Now you’ve created the right content – get it in front of the right people! Remember, always go where your target audience go. What works in one industry might not work in another.

One final point – for goodness sake – don’t get analysis paralysis. Your strategy shouldn’t ever standstill. Execute, learn, evolve.

Derek Mabie                                                                           Evolve Digital Labs

At Evolve Digital Labs we focus on the how and why of search. Those questions are the basis of search but begin with customer language analysis or keyword research.

What are consumers looking for when they begin a search? What language are they using to meet their needs or accomplish a job? If you can’t identify what a consumer may be looking for or their process to connect with your product than the digital marketing effort will be fundamentally flawed.

By utilizing knowledge gained from keyword research businesses will have the framework to answer customers questions and facilitate the task searchers are trying to complete.

Zondra Wilson                                                                        Blu Skin Care, LLC

My favorite digital marketing strategy is by far developing a call-to-action A call-to-action (CTA) is an image or text that prompts visitors to take action, such as subscribe to a newsletter, view a webinar or request a product demo.

CTA’s should direct people to landing pages, where you can collect visitors’ contact information in exchange for a valuable marketing offer. In that sense, an effective CTA results in more leads and conversions for your website. A good CTA should be attention-grabbing and help lead a potential customer further into your marketing funnel.

Mario Serna                                                                    

My favorite digital marketing strategy is content-based. I work in the Halloween costume industry and it is challenging to maintain our customers’ interest throughout the year. We maintain our audience through our blog. The costume industry is very colorful and diverse and this creates endless content marketing opportunities to appeal to our existing customers and get the attention of new prospects.

Jeremy Levi                                                                   

During the off-season, movies, TV shows, holidays and pop culture, in general, help us create content without necessarily pushing Halloween. Because of this, many searchers—who are not necessarily looking for a costume—end up at our website. In our landing pages, we cross promote related content and subtly let them know why we are an excellent place to shop when Halloween does come around. With our existing customers, we send e-mail updates with stories from our blog that may appeal to them based on their purchase history and we get a good response from that..

Try to hit the affiliate marketing treasure trove in your niche. Affiliate marketing can get a bum rap but there are many legitimate sites who call the affiliate marketing space home and they drive tremendous traffic and sales. This is a great tip for new websites; try to offer an enticing commission rate to get the big sites to sign on and then you can tap into their existing traffic and brand recognition.

Alex Reichman                                                                         iTestCash

Out of all my favorite digital marketing strategies, outreach out to blogs and publications in my industry by writing content for them to get featured on their websites. Doing this has the advantage of getting your brand in front of more readers and boosting your search engine reputation by getting linked to from websites in your niche.

Robert N. Moore                                                                     Footprint Digital, LLC

My favorite digital marketing strategy (which I use for my own business as well as my clients) is persona-based social listening on Twitter. Using technology I created called oneQube. I can listen to conversations for any keyword, phrase, hashtag or content source that is relevant to a specific marketing initiative, and then filter for bio keywords to find the perfect people to engage with, like CEO, Founder, President, etc. I can further refine by geography, so I can find people within a certain radius of NYC that I can actually meet in real life.

This strategy is especially potent for B2B advertisers whose products or services need to connect with very specific buyer personas. Twitter offers savvy marketers an unparalleled opportunity to leverage scalable persona-based engagement, even more so than Linkedin. The real-time triggers that Twitter provides us with every second deliver context, insights, and intent that, for my money, are unmatched in the digital marketing space.

Susan Farese                                                                            SJF Communications

I thoroughly enjoy creating video promos for upcoming theatrical events. It is visual, timely, hopefully, is another way to sell tickets. I especially make them short as possible due to potentially short attention spans. I include the production title, dates, times, photos and video snippets, and music.

Pamela Wagner                                                                       Pamela Wagner Marketing

My personal digital marketing strategy favorite is a search remarketing campaign. This is a beautiful high ROI campaign e.g. for a hotel. Target people who have been on your homepage but who haven’t yet booked or made a purchase. Once they search again in Google, your ad pops up. We’ve seen a 25x increase in conversions in comparison with a normal search campaign. Let me know if you need any other info. I hope this tip delights your readers.

Kristen R. Ortwerth                                                     

One of my favorite digital marketing strategies that I like to use is the eCourse. Someone can visit our website and sign up for a quick, week-long lesson with a step-by-step process or methodology to fix or improve something that the prospect would normally hire us to do.

We deliver the course daily via email with both written and video tutorials. This provides a tangible outcome for our current and prospective customers for a common cross-industry problem, and we benefit in three ways: we generate high-quality contacts for ongoing lead nurturing, we position ourselves as the authority on this topic and the go-to firm to hire for projects of this nature, and we build goodwill with our customers by providing tangible, valuable educational material for free.

Lloyd Lee                                                                                     Eat This Much

One of my favorite digital marketing strategies that I’ve used heavily this year is the Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) technique, which was developed by Clayton Christensen from the Harvard Business School. Before creating any
online campaign, you need to figure out who you will be marketing to and the angles that are needed to capture their attention and influence them to take action.

People have been pushing to develop personas when trying to understand their target audiences, but personas are about correlation, and correlation does not equal causation.

– Being in a specific demographic does not CAUSE people to buy from you
– Having certain interests does not CAUSE people to buy from you
– Being in a certain industry does not CAUSE people to buy from you

JTBD is a framework for discovering what causes customer purchases. It helps you figure out what causes people to buy things. I highly recommend checking out the JTBD technique, because it’s helped me with creating angles more efficiently and effectively.

NATHAN MURDOCK                                                            MUSICIAN’S TOOLKIT

My favorite social media strategy is simply engaging with your audience. Tactics such as following other’s profiles who are part of your industry or niche, clicking the, like button on awesome content that you come across,
re-posting or sharing other’s content, leaving appropriate comments on other’s posts and responding to comments on your own posts are simple engagement methods but are extremely beneficial.

A few reasons why engagement is beneficial is because it shows that your business cares about your audience and consumer base, which builds trust and loyalty with your brand. Additionally, some social platform’s algorithms are designed to bump you out of news feeds if it feels you are not engaging with your audience enough. In a like manner, if you are engaging and being *social* with your audience, you can bet your content will pop up in more feeds.

Beth Bridges                                                                            J – I.T. Outsource

My favorite digital marketing strategy is very dull, not sexy, and represents a huge amount of background work. It’s on-site optimization; figuring out what your prospects are searching for, narrowing down each page to a single keyword phrase focus, optimizing those pages with great content, including cross-linking and external links, and building up page authority.

I use it to make sure that our websites and our client websites are LASER focused. Because if you can’t tell what one keyword phrase each page should target, or if you want to target a page for multiple phrases, you’ve done something wrong in the initial setup and you’re not clear on what you sell and more importantly, what your clients want to buy.

Victor Clarke                                                                           Clarke, Inc

Maximize Free Listings
Be wary about paying a lot of money for a Yellow Pages listing that the sales guy tells you will “kill the competition for SEO.” There are a lot of free local listings, including YP listings, which may provide as good a bang for your buck.

Even if listings are free they’ll eat up a lot of your marketing time in setting them up one by one. If you use citation services such as Yext or Moz Local, they will get your business on a considerable number of local listings for an annual fee. These services also clean up the listings you already have, ensuring the consistency that reassures the search engines.

Andrew Reeves                                                                         Luxe Translation Services

My favorite digital marketing strategy are “refer-a-friend” programs. These programs can be done offline and online. The beauty of these programs is that they come with zero risks. There is no initial cost like other advertising methods.

When you invest in other advertising programs, you have to pay an initial fee, and the advertising may or may not pay off. With “refer-a-friend” program, you encourage people to refer their friends and offer an incentive if they do.

For example, you might give the referrer a cash reward, or a 10% discount on their next order. If they don’t refer their friend, you’ve lost nothing. You can install a script on your website where people can click to send an email to their friends and every time the friend converts, the referrer gets their bonus.

This can be automated. There are many scripts that can take care of everything from sending the email to keeping track of everyone who converts. This is something we have tried with our translation business and we have seen huge success with it. Another digital marketing strategy is to have an app where people can sign in to get rewards.

David McKeen                                                                          Own Your Social, LLC

I use social CRM to get opt-ins at a businesses location and send them email or SMS asking for feedback on their experience. Bad feedback gets routed back to the business before it can land on a review site. Good feedback gets sent to the business owner and then the client is encouraged to leave that feedback at a few review sites that the business owner chooses along with instructions. We then take the best feedback and market them on social media and their website as well as turn them into review videos that we post to YouTube or Google so we can rank them on the first page of google for the business name + city + reviews.

Bob Bentz                                                                                   Relevance Raises Response

Use geo-conquesting of your competition. With geo-conquesting, we can draw a perimeter around the retail location of your competitor and serve ads to those customers within that retail store perimeter. Both strategies are targeting your customers that are most likely to purchase your products.

Peter Boyd                                                                                    PaperStreet Web Design

We prefer to write a dedicated landing page of content. The content is typically very niche on a single idea or topic. It is over a thousand words with photos, graphics, and charts.

The content will rank high if high enough quality. If a great resource, you will pick up authority too for free. Finally, you can use the landing page in a pay-per-click campaign to drive more traffic.

RJ Martino                                                                                   iProv

The best marketing strategy is simply metered phone numbers. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. And, I don’t care how great being online feels… at some point, many customers feel that urge to pickup the phone and call.

You need to be able to measure which ads work and which ads don’t. If you don’t measure the different numbers, you won’t be able to tell which page people are calling from!

Bryan Clayton                                                                         GreenPal 

My best digital marketing strategy return on time and investment is Facebook but more specifically Facebook GROUPS. Especially local Facebook groups.

No matter your niche or vertical there is a FB group that you can participate in to contribute to the discussion, answer questions, and develop a presence to refer people to your business, often times when they are looking for exactly what you offer.

FB just also launched a dedicated mobile app to support their groups’ communities so now it’s easier than ever to manage the groups that you participate in, monitor the conversations, and participate while on the go throughout your day.

We found this tactic to be very effective for our marketplace. We monitor local groups and neighborhoods’ groups. When anyone is asking for a recommendation on a lawn care service, we kindly let them know about the GreenPal community. We track the success and 60% of the time we make a recommendation, they signup for our service

This tactic can work for almost any business in any niche.

ColinDarretta                                                                         WellPath Solutions

Far and away my favorite digital marketing strategy has been emailed acquisition via sweepstakes, contests, and other partnership opportunities.

Sweepstakes have for a long time had the connotation of being somehow cheap or yielding low-quality emails. Ultimately the quality of sweepstakes you do and the emails acquired is only as good as the partners with whom you do it.

The best sweepstakes I’ve done yield emails that convert into WellPath customers at nearly 1%. The worst can be orders of magnitude below that. However, I am able to acquire emails at less than 10 cents an email when I
bake in all my costs for running the sweepstakes.

Advertising on Facebook or Google I can pay several dollars for a single click – which I do not own. I acquire customers through email marketing many multiples cheaper than I can on paid channels and they are oftentimes some of the lowest churning customers we have.

Once I own an email I have the ability to send a user a variety of content, offers and other actions to hopefully offer enough value that they choose to become a customer. Even should they never become a customer they often times will become a loyal reader of our content. And if they don’t find the content resonates with them they simply
unsubscribe, which ultimately makes our metrics remain well above industry norms.

Jason Khoo                                                                               Ron Wave Design

I’m a huge fan of Twitter Chats. Despite the media’s continual announcement of the eventual doom of Twitter, Twitter Chats have been one of the most powerful tools for networking for myself and my business.

Twitter Chats have allowed me to network and connect with others in my industry while also building an audience.

When you start participating in Twitter Chats, you’ll see that there is definitely a community of users who are happy to engage and contribute to one another. This is a great way to start broadcasting your content and interacting with others who can help elevate your brand.

The best part of Twitter Chats is that sometimes marketing can be difficult because you have to wait for responses and data. Twitter Chats offer a real-time method of interaction while gaining new followers. You truly feel the benefits in real-time.

StoneydeGeyter                                                                       Pole Position Marketing

As a professional web marketer, I enjoy all aspects of digital marketing,  however, my favorite would be navigation optimization. I enjoy the keyword research aspect and then translating those keywords into a user-friendly navigation structure, usually with a whiteboard and some post-it notes.

But this isn’t just about what’s enjoyable, navigation happens to be one of the most critical aspects of search engine optimization and user experience.

When you have a properly built navigation you generally end up with some great landing pages. These pages are focused not just on search keywords, but on meeting the intent of what searchers are looking for. More times than not, through navigation optimization we find ways to provide additional, relevant content on the site while making all the site content easier to navigate.

Marcus Miller                                                                            Bowler Hat

My favorite strategy is to always to help your target demographic achieve their goals. If you do this in a public space via blog posts, social media and forums then you kill many marketing birds with one digital stone: get in front of potential customers, build relationships, build more exposure in search engines, drive more inbound traffic and demonstrate your credibility.

The specifics for an approach like this will vary. There will always be new social media platforms and shifts in how search engines work. However, a strategy built around helping your ideal customers relieve their pains and achieve their goals will deliver across every channel from now till kingdom come.

A killer example of this is Google – they provide access to the world’s information and in return get to show us ads. I know that I would rather have a search engine with adverts as that resource helps me achieve so much so it seems a fair exchange of value to see a few ads.

Chris Pontine                                                                          Creating A Website Today

I think by far my favorite digital marketing strategies is creating helpful and actionable content revolved around long-tail keywords. The reason I love it so much is because once you master SEO techniques you can write your own content with huge growth results.

Personally, for me, I use it to gain traction on my blog and then look to convert the traffic with page-specific conversion reasons.

Carlo Barajas                                                                          Fossilized Fashion

We run a niche e-commerce shop selling dinosaur themed t-shirts. Since our target demographic is relatively young and we wanted to invest as little money as possible at the start, we decided to take to social media – specifically, Instagram.

We knew we needed to reach out and interact with people with similar interests, and Instagram hashtags made that easy for us. Due to limited time, we decided to automate the initial outreach with Instagress – a bot that seeks out hashtags that you specifiy (among other filters), likes, follows, and even comments on those images. Once people
start to follow and respond, we take over and keep the conversation going.

Of course, this is only helpful in generating exposure. You need to be posting quality content that will actually make people want to follow and interact with you.

Malik Jaffer                                                                             RewardMeVIP, Inc.  

My favorite digital marketing strategy is text messaging! Texting is one of the oldest functions on a cell phone and is a proven technique to reach customers IF it is done right. Unlike email with open rates around 17% and apps with opt-in for push notification rates at 40% and dropping, text reigns as king with a whopping 98% read rate on all text messages, and that’s in the first five minutes!

Commercial text message requires that customers provide consent. As a business owner, this is fantastic. I know I am sending messages to people who want to know and buy my product or service thereby making my marketing dollar stretch to maximum effectiveness. Texting is intimate, so I get to be highly targeted, clear, concise and deliberate with my messaging and that’s what my customers want. They love it!

I mainly send four types of text messaging to clients.

First, an incentive call to action. This is a get a FREE chicken sandwich, a buy-one-get-one offer or a discounted service.

The second type of text message is filling vacancies. For example, if a salon has cancellations, we send out text messaging for them to get those empty spots filled quickly.

The third type of message is value-added. This is generally an education or awareness related tip. We provide valuable information about the product or service we provide. Imagine if you are a health coach being able to send weekly health coaching messages directly to your clients’ phone via text.

The fourth category of text messaging is strictly informational. We work with home owner’s associations who send messages informing members of meetings or maintenance issues.

Kate Windleton                                                                         Strong Move

We currently started a partnership with a company that has a popular app for easy and fast booking of local services. We receive a lot of leads from this channel, and it’s paying off quickly.

Another technique we use when we have specials is to buy advertising space in the email marketing campaigns of popular magazines, media, and reviews by bloggers and influencers.

Megan Kennedy, LSW                                                        Adoption By Gentle Care

We love obtaining online reviews. For our adoption agency, reviews from birth moms and adoptive families are imperative since there is so much research done prior to adoption. Whenever we get a positive online review due to our outreach process, this makes our entire team excited.

Sean Smallwood                                                                    Sean Smallwood, P.A.

I love contributing article content. Since I am an attorney, I feel like I have above-average writing skills and I can provide valuable insight when it comes to divorce and child custody. By finding niche websites within my field and even locally in the Orlando area, I’m able to spread the word about my firm and my skill-set.

Yev Marusenko                                                                       On The Grid 

The strategy is to highlight the importance of branding and design early on in the business journey. It’s simple and vital. Once you have your identity, it is much easier to understand the type of audience and customer you may interact with. Many businesses leave the logo and name design as a minor part of the business, while some say it is one of the most important.

Daniela Arango                                                                        DoitWiser.Com

A social content calendar helps you plan out months of specific posts for each social platform ahead of time. Doing this allows you to avoid scrambling at the last minute to find something to publish. Committing to a scheduled plan results in less hassle, more quality and less waste of time. A monthly plan is ideal, but it all depends on the type of business, the content strategy, the social media platforms used and the frequency of engagement. We recommend using Hootsuite to optimize this strategy.

Steven Macdonald                                                                  SuperOffice

My favorite digital marketing strategy is *content marketing*. At SuperOffice we use content marketing to create educational content in the form of blog posts, articles, videos, white papers, eBooks and guides. The results from content marketing include growing a blog from 0 to 50K readers per month, increased organic search traffic from 32K visits per to 300K visits per year and generated more than 45K business leads.

Erin Freese                                                                                It Works!

For the past year, I have spent most of my time building my business on Instagram. I follow people that I believe will benefit from my products – new moms, gyms rats, runners, people looking to lose weight, etc. I follow and create relationships. I comment on people’s posts, finding connections to their lives and mine. Some of the tools that I use that have helped me gain so many followers and likes per post are My Followers, Latergramme, Crowdfire, and Robolike!

Candice Galek                                                                            Bikini Luxe

When it comes to marketing LinkedIn may be one of the most underrated platforms out there. This massive platform has a whopping 414M users around the globe and a well-placed update can generate 10’s of thousands of likes and comments. There are a few key things you must do when crafting an update on Linkedin, firstly you should build your network as much as possible. Associating with LIONS can help as they have a huge reach. Next, you must look at what is currently trending, soak it up, look for things that are missing and add them. I have used this strategy to create not only an incredible following but also a huge boost to my designer swimwear business.

Aron Ezra                                                                                  OfferCraft

Gamify Your Marketing- Marketing offers are supposed to be fun. But too often, they’re boring, forgettable, or even a chore to redeem. One great way to make your digital marketing more memorable and effective is to turn your offers into a game.

In the thousands of campaigns that we’ve run, gamifying offers can lead to double-digit increases in participation and redemption rates compared to traditional approaches. And best of all, customers love it.

AlexHrynkiewicz                                                                   Limelight Platform

For our high growth startup, we live by content marketing for both awareness and lead generation. But when we do content marketing it’s the specific process of creating content around how we can help our customers. It’s not about the keyword targeting, to begin with. Instead, we start with interviews of current customers and cherry-pick them for successes and challenges.

This is developed into content that has the instant credibility of those Fortune 500 companies. After the piece has been devised we bake in a keyword strategy for SEO purposes and then find outlets in the same field as our customer to pitch those pieces.

Eric Brantner                                                               

I own multiple blogs, some of which see over half a million monthly visitors. One of my favorite digital marketing strategies has been to be active on HARO (Help A Reporter Out). Every weekday I receive 3 emails from HARO loaded with queries from reporters who need sources for their stories. I carefully work my way through the list and respond to any and every query I think is a good fit. But that’s just the first step of the process. I’ve also been on the other side of HARO using it as a reporter, so I’m all too aware of how many responses these journalists get with their HARO queries. That means if you’re pitching them you need to go above and beyond to get noticed. I always try to find the reporter on Twitter, follow them, and Tweet them a heads up about my pitch. Beyond that, I also continue to focus on building these relationships in the months to come so that I’ll be on their mind whenever they need sources for future stories. This has led to getting my sites featured in USA Today, TechCrunch, Fortune, Time, MSN, and many other top sites.

Bryan Jaeger                                                                           No-Limit Web Design

The first thing everyone needs to be successful in getting traffic to the website. In the first 2 months after I started my website design business, I was only getting 1-10 people visiting my site. That’s because SEO usually takes a minimum of 6 months for search engines to actually start giving you true rankings. So I had to look into different methods of generating more traffic because the more traffic you receive the faster and better your website will rank.

I started making posts and comments on everything related to website design, SEO, and generating traffic. It didn’t take long for me to start seeing more visitors to my site, which meant more potential clients needing my services. After just 3 months of implementing my new methods, I’ve increased my daily visitors to 200-250.

Digital Marketing Strategies Final Thoughts

I don’t know about you, but there were some amazing digital marketing strategies on this list. With so many different answers the key here is to take a second to digest the information and determine which digital marketing strategies or strategy works best for your needs.

Understand that we do not expect you to use all of the digital marketing strategies listed in the article above. That would be ludicrous. However, you can implement some of these digital marketing strategies over time as you master others. Plus, many of these digital marketing strategies complement each other nicely.

If you are still not sure which digital marketing strategies you want to use first, then join us for a free digital marketing checklist to help you determine the most important steps you need to take for your business. Click the image below to register for the free Digital Marketing Checklist!