Today just seems like a beautiful day to discuss 6 great WordPress premium plugins & themes. You see over the past year I have been on a bit of a binge with different WordPress premium plugins and themes. Here are some of my favorites.

6 Great WordPress Premium Plugins & Themes

1. Social Traffic Plugin- This one plugin brings in close to 2,000 visits per month to my blog. It is just simply awesome for driving quality social traffic to your site.

2. Covert Action Bar– One of the biggest pushes that I have made in 2012 is to hyper focus in on conversions. I have had steady traffic for the past year, but I wanted to test out what works best for conversions. One of the tools that I have found that is useful is the Covert Action Bar. It is a bar that you can customize to appear on your site that gets people’s attention and starts a sign up process for new subscribers.

3. WPSitePress- Are you interested in having unlimited blogs that you can create in minutes and that does not required you to set up a ridiculous number of hosting accounts. While this is a not a plugin, this tutorial by Josh Alexander actually shows you how to set up WordPress MU sites. Ridiculously cool!

4.Aweber-I know I talk about Aweber a lot, but it is only because they make my life so much easier (and profitable). Aweber is the email management system that I use for my subscribers to this blog and other products and services that I offer. It allows me to stay in touch with them and automate my email marketing. What is even cooler is that Aweber has some great integration plugins with

5. WpClicks- This is a potential game changer for those who are looking to analyze their site. This site takes live snapshots of your site, and see what your visitors are doing on your site. You can change your site based

6. Profit Themes- This is the theme that powers and also a number of my other blogs. While there are some security updates that I do not like with the new updates, this is one of the best possible options for creating a membership site out there. It is quick and easy, plus it comes with plenty of sample pages that are auto-generated for you.

Now, you are in wise in the ways of great WordPress premium plugins & themes. Let me know what your favorite WordPress premium plugin was?