I was thinking today about WordPress mobile blogging? Like most people I go to sleep at night and dream about the different applications of how to use blogging and social networking. OK! Maybe I am not exactly like most people when I go to sleep dreaming of WordPress mobile blogging, but I am pretty sure that I am not the only one.  Hopefully!

Actually what I was thinking about in terms of WordPress mobile blogging was how to use it to create a more dynamic blog. On my planet, being able to write on the go actually enhances your blogging skills, because you have to think fast and have a better understanding of what makes a great blog.

I have seen bloggers in the past who only blog mobile. It is not a large group of bloggers, but they do exist. One thing that I find fascinating about them is that they are always there for the action. Go to an event and they are either videotaping everything with their mobile blog or they are tap-tap-tapping away at some little snippet of information that goes straight to their readers. It is observation in the moment. Real life reporting would be another way to put it.

So, how can we make your blog more mobile friendly!

5 Ways To Use WordPress Mobile Blogging

  • Get a mobile theme for your site.  Only a small percentage of sites have mobile themes. While WordPress mobile themes are a little clunky for the time being, it is better than having your readers squint and zoom repeatedly to see what you said. My Blackberry loads https://andynathan.net very slowly! When it does load it is a lot easier to read than the site you see on a traditional browser. Plus, I might have some upgrades in the near future for those looking to go mobile.
  • If you use a Smartphone, get the WordPress smartphone app. According to WordPress Blackberry, Android, Windows 7, Nokia, and iPhone all have their own WordPress app. This is a great way to start playing around with the mobile capabilities of your blog. Answer a comment on your phone while waiting for a meeting to start.  Check your stats for your phone if you use WordPress.com while riding the train! Or write a post, as I detail next as you have a cup of Joe. The great thing about the WordPress app is that if you have multiple WordPress blogs you can add them all.
  • For those who are not able to use a WordPress smartphone app you can still go to m.wordpress.com on your mobile device and get into the dashboard. You are not excluded from mobile blogging.
  • Start posting once a month remotely! I have not posted anything recently remotely, but for about six months last year, I had about one post per month that was from my Blackberry. Whether an extremely short video (12 seconds or less generally) or a photo or a small post 250 words or less, it is a refreshing exercise to post away from the laptop. Some days I was just too busy for a detailed post and found something interesting while I was out meeting with clients. Snap a photo and include it on my site.
  • Now, for those of you who do not have the Onlywire plugin I am going to make an obvious point here. Start using Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to get the word out on your new blog posts that you did on your phone.  Use your smartphone applications get the word out using social networking. Why wait to share the good news?

WordPress mobile blogging might seem a little scary at first, but I am sure you thought the same thing when you first came to my site. Or maybe it is still a scary experience? Either way, definitely give WordPress mobile blogging a shot!