The key to this article is quality backlinks! Everyone can get the low quality, let Google slap you hard low value backlinks. However, quality backlinks are about providing authority links back to your site, so it demonstrates to Google and other search engines why your site deserves additional traffic.

Keep in mind that while quality backlinks are a crucial part of your search strategy, you also have to focus on other features of search engines, such as great keyword research, quality content, and social usage on your site (comments, RT, likes, shares, +1, diggs, etc.).

That is why as much as you need to focus on having quality backlinks you also need to keep an eye out for creating a quality site in general. If you only have great backlinks and keywords then your site will not succeed when people only see jumbled words and poorly thought out content that looks like it is from a ghost town.

Keep this in mind as we discuss the backlinking strategies below to be part of a whole and not the entire search engine optimization process.

5 Quality Backlinks Strategies

  1. Article Marketing-While Google recently downgraded articles directories with the Panda Update. That being said, article marketing is still one of the best methods to get quality backlinks for your site.
  2. Guest Blog Posts-This is related to article marketing, because you still need to write an actual article. The difference here is that you are writing an article for a blog or online newspaper versus article marketing traditionally done through article directories. Consider this an offshoot of article marketing. For those interested in guest blogging feel free to check out our Guest Blogging guidelines.
  3. Social Bookmarking-Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Mister Wong, and the list of social bookmarking sites goes on and on for a long while. Social bookmarking sites are sites dedicated to bookmarking websites throughout the web.
  4. Forum Backlinks-I have been addicted to Warrior Forum lately. From their amazing WSO’s to the awesome community of Internet Marketers. This is a great place to connect with other internet marketers. It is also a great place for quality backlinks, because every time you reply to someone or post on the forum you are creating backlinks for your sites.
  5. Comment Backlinks-Read a great blog post on social networking, seo, internet marketing, business, etc. Write a comment telling the author so, get rewarded by Google for the quality backlinks.

The great thing about creating quality backlinks is that you get the dual benefit of some traffic from the sites you provide the backlink from and also traffic from Google. That is the benefit of having quality backlinks.