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Do you ever feel that you will never find your next prospective client. You are on a roll and then all of the sudden you hear some chirping in the background getting louder. You do your best to ignore it and then all of the sudden the lack of prospective clients sounds like a deafening train overwhelming your nights and dreams.

prospective client is like airplane throwingApparently, I have never had that challenge! Never!

By the way, that was a joke! Remember, your business will attract more business with a personality then a cold salami with all the answers.

Back to our regularly schedule information. If you are in business, there comes a point in your career where business is just not arriving at the speed you want it to. Most new business owners experience this early on, but the dreaded fear can strike at any minute. The best way to avoid it is to be prepared.

That is why I want to give you a little insider information that I probably should keep to myself, because it is just golden. However, that is not how I roll. I have this ingrained idea that I should share the cool stuff. And these ideas are definitely “cool beans” hush-hush stuff.

5 Ways To Find Your Next Prospective Client

1. Scour Craigslist- I am constantly amazed at how many quality prospective clients and actual clients that I connect with through Craigslist. It is probably one of the most under-served uses on the web today for businesses either posting ads or looking through ads from prospective clients specifically telling you what they want. I call that business on a silver plate full of gems and goodies.

2. Devour LinkedIn- Do you do B2B? Then one of the great things about LinkedIn is that you can find all the CEO’s, CIO’s, COO’s, CMO’s, Presidents, owners, Vice-Presidents, Directors, and mangers you could possibly ever want to meet on the site. They even have a CXO group on LinkedIn for C-level executives and owners. Great place to meet decision-makers without having to unsuccessfully charm the gates with chocolate and false smiles.

3. Unlock a niche forum/network related to your product/service.  I know I have said this in the past, but this was a long time ago. There is a site or group for every single business imaginable online. Have a product for kids then check with mommy bloggers about promoting it. Maybe you want to sell kitschy items? Go to Etsy. Real Estate-Active Rain. Network Marketer-Empower, MLMBeat, and MLMSocial. I am sure that I am only missing a few hundred sites here, but you get the idea. (Actual blog post from a blog post moment. I will do a post next week on all the niche networks  I know of.

4. Remember your email. The lowly email is often overlooked, but I can tell you from experience that their really is gold in ’em emails! Every time I clear out my email box when it goes over 500 emails I find a prospective client who I can talk with to move business.

5. Tip Toe Offline- Yes, you heard me! Go offline and network. Meet people face to face. Then follow up with them afterwards. The reality is that online marketing in partnership with offline marketing is called dynamite. Like they say on that wacky show, which I can not remember the name, “dynnnaa-MITE!

Bonus: Let me help you find your next prospective client! I mentioned at the beginning of this post my craziness over giving. So, tell you what. I will give you 30 minutes of my time no strings attached to help you find your next client. This will be a Skype call (That means no phone or face to face) where we can discuss your challenges. This will be for the first five people who respond to this blog post in the comment section.  Leave a comment and then share on Facebook how you snagged 30 minutes of my time.

Of the methods mentioned above, which one seems like the best approach to find your next prospective client?