Write A Blog in 5 minutes you say? Ha! Ha to the Ha level of ha you can not write a blog in 5 minutes I dare say! Well, you are indubitably wrong? I can not believe that spell check did not catch me mis-spelling indubitably, but maybe I spelled it correctly. Oh my, only 4 minutes left.

5 Tremendous, Ridiculous Ways To Write A Blog In 5 Minutes

1. Do a 1 minute video. Why? Because it will take 1 minute to create, 1 minute to edit, and 1 minute to upload and create a short summary. You can then publish it.

2. Create a short cartoon, like I do every Tuesday from Toondoo!

3. Who needs to edit. Edit is for those who care about their work. OK! So this was one to throw you off the scent, but remember to at least spend 1 minute on editing.

4. Create a short post about the benefits of writing a blog in 1 minute. Write in short sentences to keep the time down.

5. Down to the wire, and you have a deadline. There is always re-purposing that video you created to become the showcase of your new blog post.

Oh yeah! I did it! 5 ways to write a blog post in 5 minutes. Yes! Oh wait, my celebration just caused me to go over the 5 minute mark. Darn it! Blasted celebration. Well, either way I still showed you 5 tremendous, ridiculous ways to write a blog in 5 minutes.