What are the top mashups on the web? Better question, what do you mean by top mashups? What is a mashup? Do you have some gravy with that? Oh, maybe a nice T-bone steak? Are you hungry? I am hungry. Dude, back to the top mashups!

Right! Right! No, that is not what the top mashups are about. Top mashups are great combinations of different websites. For example, a housing site has been done before, but maybe a housing site with some health information. Or a social network combined with an estore. Oh wait that is Facebook.

 5 Top Mashups

  1. HousingMaps.com- Provide housing information from sites such as Craiglist and Realtor.com along with map information from Google.
  2. Twittervision- Combines a map of the world with recent streaming tweets. Very cool to watch, yet hard to read, since they come in so fast.
  3. Alltop- feeds from the top sites in various online news companies and blogs for business and internet marketing.Great place for information every morning.
  4. SEOMash-All the information you ever wanted on SEO, but never knew you wanted until I told you to go there.
  5. Popurls-Similar to Alltop, except a broader news site.

The power of the Top Mashups

With all of these top mashups what you are seeing is a new way to share information over the web. People have created all the basic applications on the web, now we are starting to see an explosion of creative uses that will take everything to the next level.

Sort of like Google+ combining different aspects of different social networks and previous flops to create one of the top mashups themselves. Sites are realizing that they need to mix it up to get a more interested audience.

What are your top mashups on the web? What makes them top notch? Plus, what would you recommend for future top mashups to have on their site?