Do you want to turn your website readers into loyal subscribers? You know, turning your readers into loyal subscribers is not a simple thing to do. There’s an element that you need to build into your website. It is called trust. If you’re unable to build trust between you and your readers, they won’t subscribe to your website. Please note that when people read your website, it doesn’t mean that they want to subscribe to your website. Here are 5 tips to convert your website readers into loyal subscribers:

1.Establish Your Site As An Authority Website

Like I said earlier, it is the trust factor that will motivate your readers to subscribe into your website mailing list. And it is also the trust factor that will motivate your readers to refrain from clicking the “un-subscription” link in your email. So, it is very important for you to establish this trust factor in order to convert your readers into subscribers. And how will you do that? You can only establish strong trust factor in making your website an authority website. To do this, you have to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. In this way, you will build people’s trust easily and they won’t have any resistance to follow your website by subscribing into your mailing list.

2.Offer Something Different From Your Website Content

In addition to the trust factor, it is very important for you to offer something different in your mailing list. Ideally, you want to give your readers materials that are different from your regular website content. This is called exclusivity factor. If you can make your mailing exclusive for your readers by separating the content of your mailing list with the content of your website, you will motivate your readers to join your mailing list. Why? That’s because they want to learn more from you. They don’t want to miss the opportunity to get more exclusive information.

3.Establish A Community On Your Website

I’m talking about building a forum on your website. Today, it’s not difficult to build and maintain an online forum on your own. You can use free forum software and you can install it in one click. Also, you can choose forum moderators easily from among your forum members. So, you don’t need to spend much time managing your forum. It is important for you to establish good community in your website because this will increase the trust of your readers toward your website. If you have an active forum in place, it will hook more and more people into your website.

4.Keep Your Readers’ Eyes On The Subscription Form

You have to place your subscription form in strategic places within your website. It is better for you to place it in the sidebar where your readers can always see it. The placement of your subscription form can affect your readers’ decision toward subscribing. You just need to give short benefits about why they should subscribe. Remember that your space is limited here. However, if you keep it visible for your readers, it will significantly help to attract more readers to subscribe.

5.Make Your Email Newsletter Different

It is a good idea for you to give exclusive newsletter in your mailing list. Don’t make your mailing list look unprofessional. Use HTML format instead of text format. Also, release your mailing list every week. Don’t spam your subscribers with useless promotion. Think about it like an online magazine. Give exclusive content in it as well as nice layout.

Those are 5 tips you can follow to convert your website readers into loyal subscribers. This is the way you attract more people into your website mailing list.

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