There are things you can do on LinkedIn and things you should not do in regards to LinkedIn. Today let’s evaluate what you should not do. When you know all the no-no’s then all that is left are the yes’s.

1. Do not leave an unfinished profile. “And then from 1999 to 2006 I worked at….” That just begs for people to avoid your profile and not connect with you. If you can not finish a LinkedIn profile then how can you finish my…

2. Shoot for at least 100 connections within the first 3 months on LinkedIn. Numbers do not mean anything, but there is a psychological effect when people see you have 100 connections. It indicates that the relationship is not one sided. It also means that you are active enough on LinkedIn to actually have built up that large of a network.

3. No spice! Your profile should not have gigantic stamp that says this LinkedIn profile is not for public consumption! Add some flavor into your language. Maybe some LinkedIn apps will help. Please put me to sleep, because I will buy your product is a misnomer.

4. Do not bash people! Well, this is not LinkedIn advice, but advice in general. However, do your best not to take that negativity to LinkedIn. “Gosh that was a stupid comment.” Uh, excuse me, but the only person who looks stupid when that is said is the commenter.

5. Do NOT sell. LinkedIn is a place of business. It is not a place to be sold. If I wanted to be sold I would go to a classified ad. Please stop selling. Maybe you could build a relationship instead. What is that?

In the end, help your cause by being a dynamic person. If you would not do something in real life, why would it be acceptable to do it on LinkedIn?