Everything that we have talked about with email marketing so far has hopefully led you to the inevitable conclusion that you need some great email autoresponder content. With all the great email campaigns you want to have an good email autoresponder series can engage and attract your subscribers to actually check out your information.

So what does that mean you have to know? You have to know what not to say with an email autoresponder system. Once you know what not to do it is a lot easier to get everything else right.

5 Email Autoresponder No-No’s

  1. Do not sell people immediately. The first thing you get when you sign up for my email is free stuff. Free Webinars, Free Ebooks, Free Podcasts. Give people something of value first, and when you finally do pitch something make sure that it is chocked full of value for your clients. Walk in their shoes to see what they would find valuable.
  2. Do not dis-respect people ever. You stupid, jerk why are you not buying from me does not exactly engender the long term relationship you would like to have with your readers.
  3. Do not flood their email with a constant stream of emails from you. As much as I realize you have so much desire to hear from me every hour on the hour in your inbox, I send an email autoresponder out once every 3-5 days. Long enough for people to forget about me, and short enough for them to remember who I am.
  4. Do not make things complicated. One of the biggest challenges in business is making things easy. We start to work on a concept and the idea grows into a monster that is so complex that it is just not feasible. 95% of the big businesses out there made their mark with one product or service before they ever stretched out their legs to test out new ideas. Microsoft=Windows Subway=35,000 franchises Intuit=Quicken RIM=Blackberry The list goes on and on. Make sure your emails stick with one topic or idea. I cover social networking, seo, and blogging. I rarely, if ever leave those subjects on this blog.
  5. Do not sned out something withnout checking to make sure that your spelling and grammar is correct. I am not a grammar maven, but I go by this simple rule. If your sentence does not make sense to you, then I can guarantee that it will not make sense to your reader. All else is irrelevant.
  6. Do not just leave them with what is expected. Give your subscriber’s extra when possible. Is this 6 out of 5, or 5 out 6?

Now, go out and write your new email marketing campaign to help your subscribers benefit from your services and build a long lasting relationship through your email autoresponder magic