To help grow your real estate agency, we want to showcase 5 successful strategies for real estate lead generation websites. These website strategies provide you with options for finding new buyers, sellers, investors, or tenants for your realty business.

Five Best Real Estate Lead Generation Websites

1. Gotta Love the Right Freebie

Very few buyers are ready to buy the moment they meet you. While every company dreams of the home run client who hands over the blank check, the fact is that customers need to trust and value your services first.

To do this, you need to be with them on the buyers’ journey before they move forward with your services. A great way to start on this journey with prospects is to provide them with free information they can use to make an educated decision on why to work with your agency.

Before the internet, Realtors® would use brochures and open houses with cookies. While you should never forget to give out cookies to clients, you can start the process online.

One strategy we use is to offer free home value assessments like the one below.

facebook ad home values


One tool we are starting to test is the Home Value plugin. The plugin automatically shows customers what the estimated value of their home is. To use it, homeowners need to add their email address and information. It is a simple way to provide free value that can be used to gain additional prospects.

2. Show off Real Estate Properties

One traditional way to use real estate websites is for displaying the properties you have for sale. Especially for agents with multiple listings, this is a great strategy.

Think of this as a virtual open house. Outside the digital space, an open house helps you sell the property and connect with other real estate professionals and homebuyers who do not have an agent.

Your website is a lead generation machine for buyers shopping online for a property. The key to getting this traffic is to ensure your site is optimized for local search on Google. That is why you need to work this strategy with the following idea.

3. Local SEO

When I first started blogging you could go online and by yourself receive massive amounts of search traffic. While it is difficult to reproduce those results today, it is possible to receive local search traffic for your agency. The key is to remember the old real estate mantra: location, location, location.

For example, if you are in Chicago then you should avoid targeting the entire city. Instead, look to generate interest in a neighborhood like Englewood, Lakeview, or Rogers Park. That way, you can generate targeted local search traffic for a specific area.

location location location

To help you get local search traffic start with the following steps to make sure your site is technically able to receive traffic from Google and other search engines.

First, make sure Google can find your site. This article assumes you are using a WordPress site. If you do not have a WordPress site, then what the heck are you doing. Just kidding. That said, I have been a huge WordPress fan since I first spoke at WordCamp Chicago in 2012. If you want to learn more about how you can have a Drag and Drop WordPress site, then schedule a free 30-minute appointment with me today. Let’s talk about how you can quickly grow your business.

Second, if you have not done so already, install a plugin like Yoast SEO on your WordPress site. Yoast has a feature that verifies your website with Google and Bing. This feature lets the search engines know they should index your site to connect with you with targeted prospects. It is kinda (super-duper) important for those looking to generate search traffic.

Third, audit your site to ensure your developer had the technical aspects right for your site. You should be able to answer the following questions:

  • Is your site mobile-friendly?
  • Do you have an SSL certificate?
  • What schema information is on your site?

Fourth, do not forget the importance of keyword research. You can use tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner or SEMrush(affiliate) to find the best keywords for local real estate phrases your prospects search for online.

4. Landing Pages

Once you start getting traffic from local search, you need to start turning this traffic into leads. The freebies we discussed above help. However, you cannot just send visitors to your landing page expecting them to take action. Instead, you should have specific landing pages for specific actions.

That way, a buyer can check out freebies that relate to their needs. Since marketing is all about addressing a customer’s needs, this is the perfect time to demonstrate how you can help with their specific query. It also is in your best interest. That is because according to HubSpot companies with 10-15 landing pages increase leads by 55% on average. Companies with 40 or more landing pages increase leads by a factor of 12.

The numbers show that you need to have landing pages to address each specific issue your customer’s face. Even if you only have one product, having multiple landing pages allows you to generate leads for that product through multiple pain points. For example, if you just sell homes in Lincoln Park, then you could reach out to sellers with several free offers. Some sellers might want a larger place. Others might be getting older and want to live in a quieter neighborhood. The reasons vary, which is exactly why you need multiple landing pages. Have one page for each pain point.

home value landing page example

5. Interview with Partners

If you built your business up through referral partners, then one way to keep them interested in you is to provide them with new ways to promote their business. One way you can do this is through interviewing them on your video, podcast, blog, or Facebook live stream. The key is not what platform you use. Instead, you should focus on how to bring the most value to your real estate clients.

Personally, I have found this is one of the most effective strategies for building relationships with partners and clients. After all, what mortgage broker, title agent, or real estate investor does not want to be told they are doing great stuff and how you want to share how awesome they are with the world. If someone told you that would you want to share the interview with your network on social media? You betcha! That is exactly what your referral partners and clients want to do as well.

This referral and social traffic then generate visits to your website.

 Real Estate Lead Generation Websites Final Thoughts

There is no one right answer for generating leads to your real estate website. The key is to focus on what website strategies bring the greatest value to your clients. By using the information above, you can then turn these visitors into leads by providing them with valuable information they can use to grow their business. If you have further questions, please schedule a free 30-minute consultation today.