Today we want to discuss how to get targeted website traffic. Yesterday we discussed how to get Free Targeted Traffic. This is going to be focused on how we actually determine what our target market is and how to reach them to get the website traffic we need.

5 Steps To Finding Targeted Website Traffic That Make You Tingle

Determine your target market

I know a lot of readers to this site have a very clear idea of who they want to purchase their products. At the same time there are those entrepreneurs who are flapping around hoping to have the right combination of perfect products to sell going from one place to another like a child in a candy shop with no parental supervision. Sit down and decide what you love the most.

What makes you the sweetest read of all

Your readers are going around the internet consuming content like a kid in a candy store going from one vending machine to another engorging themselves on every free piece of candy they can find. If you want to stand out you need to offer better candy. Do you have a super-duper candy cane that restores 50-year-old males to their 20-year-old glory days? What about a time-traveling Twix bar? Or perhaps you just have the best customer service around. (Please note: everyone says they have good customer service. You should go the extra mile at least).

Know your target market

you know how you can help them. Now, how do you find them? Accio Clients! I said, “Accio Clients!” That did not work Mr Potter! Well, time for plan B. It is time to start researching where to find these prospects. Where do they hang out? When are they at their normal hang out? What do they like to do in their hangout?  These are all questions designed to help you start looking for the right place to find your next client.

Give them something of value for free

When I drive traffic to my blog, it is because I give people amazing content. Now, I enjoy writing this, but I also like money as well. For those who fainted at the mere pin drop of the word “money” please continue to read here.  I use these blog posts as an introduction to my services and a way of demonstrating what type of person I am. (Note: Please ignore the bad humor and just focus on the jokes you laughed at.)

Keep the visitors on the site and coming back

If I only wrote one blog post in my life, then I can pretty much guarantee that no one will want to visit my site. Do you ever go to a site and say, “Ooh good! This is the exact same content they had last time when I visited their site back in 1996.” Please tell me you do not? Cool! I will just assume you agree with me. Creating new content, having contests, fostering interaction on your site can go a long way in building your business prospects.

Targeted Website Traffic Final Thoughts

In the end, finding targeted website traffic is a lot of trial and error. However, creating a plan of action will reduce a large percentage of the challenges you will have along the way. What is the biggest challenge to targeted website traffic you are having right now?