Social Networking comes to the rescue again! I was driving this morning, coming back from a networking event and passed a gas station with prices at $4.05.  Think about it! You can almost buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks. What in the world has happened to the price of gas that it has become so messed up that I am actually obligated to write this post out of the goodness of my heart. I plead with Gaddhafi to end his madness to allow the gushers of oil to come flowing back onto the market. In the meantime, here are 5 social networking ideas that can make you money, save money, and protest the price of gas.

blackberry mobile marketing campaignsSocial Networking Heroics

  1. LinkedIn Connections- Want  to find a great connection/referral source? Then start combing through your LinkedIn groups to find quality referral partners and clients.
  2. Find Your Tribe- Look to find a tribe, or a group of people who can help you build your business through social networking. If you need a tribe you might want to check out TSA Mastery. They have a pretty cool system in place for self-promotion.
  3. Pick up a phone- Sometimes old ways work best. There is nothing wrong with calling someone to find out if they are interested in your services. In fact, this could be a huge benefit to you, because you save time and connect with more prospects.
  4. Skype- Looking to go to international? Want to connect with someone via video chat? Need to show people your screen, so they see your PowerPoint presentation? Then you want to check Skype. It is a free service, and is awesome to use for connecting with people around the globe and in your neck of the woods as well.
  5. Email Marketing- You have a lot of connections and are looking to convert them into clients. Start using email marketing to give your business the boost you need to be successful. Use an auto-responder, like Aweber to give you the kick-start you need.

So now you have some options to protest the price of gas, make some money, and save some money. Social networking to the rescue!