I hear the rain pitter patter outside as I write this post, and thought it was only prudent to write a post about the benefits of using social networking in the rain. Be prepared for those who do not have a tongue and cheek expression to walk away mystified. For those with a good funny bone, please let it out and make sure your dog can not sniff it because we are going to discuss 5 reasons to use social networking on a rainy day.

Social Networking On A Rainy Day

  • A blog requires no raincoat. Think about the fact that those scurrying off in the rush hour right now are bundled tightly on the train platform or sitting in their car as the rain surrounds them more furiously then the cars. Blogging can be done anywhere and help your business at anytime, but if you want to stay home and blog you can do that. As a long time networker I can tell you that no networking event has ever came to my house, because of the weather.
  • Skype requires no umbrella. I have a few conference calls this morning and when I use skype I swear to you that I will not take out my umbrella. I will however reach out to people around the world and make some great connections with those people.
  • Facebook requires no rain boots. You know those big old clunky yellow boots that you see women wearing as they cross the road. It might look romantic and all in Paris in the rain on your way to a leisurely stroll down the boulevard near the Eiffel Tower. It is not romantic when you are 15 minutes late to work and about to be chewed out by your boss for not completing xyz yesterday.  You know what is romantic. Going on Facebook to reconnect with old clients.
  • Youtube requires no long-john’s. Yep, you can be warm and cuddly as you watch instructional videos on how to do your job better and more effectively wherever you want.
  • Foursquare requires no daily check-in at Starbucks to complete the work outfit you have developed. Instead, you can brew some water at home and check in there just for the fun of it.

Social networking is not about a place or a time or a platform. It is an idea of how we run our business, and it can be done in new and creative ways that were not even imaginable a few years beforehand. So, I am about to brave the weather and log off my blog to go onto Skype! Fair me well you social networking rain free veterans!