Most professionals take advantage of LinkedIn, creating a profile to make connections and find references for new opportunities.  However, the popular professional networking site has a variety of features that most users are not aware of. The following are “hidden” tips and tricks that can help users get more out of their LinkedIn experience:

  1. Applications

LinkedIn allows users to connect their account with a number of applications, enabling them to further optimize their profiles. Users can choose from a list of well-known applications, including WordPress, SlideShare and Amazon. These applications can be used in a variety of ways, whether to help the individual create more connections or to further personalize their profile.

2.  Resume Generator

LinkedIn Labs offers users the ability to create a resume out of their LinkedIn profile, using information such as experience, education and skills. Users are able to choose from a variety of resume templates and layouts, each with their own unique style. After populating and editing the content, users are able to save their generated resumes and send them to prospective employers2.

3. Connect With Classmates

This feature allows you to see alumni members from your college, giving users the ability to directly connect with past graduates. In addition, the alumni database can be segmented by industry, location, and company, giving the user a direct idea of where graduates end up. To access this feature, users can click on the link to their college, or follow the link above.

4. Introductions

Introductions allow users to connect to others through a mutual contact, who serves as a point of reference between the two. If the user wants to contact someone that is separated by several degrees, they can ask a mutual connection to introduce them. Upon receiving the request, the mutual contact is able to choose whether to fulfill the request or not. Introductions are a great way to reliably connect to others and expand the user’s network.

5. LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn Answers is a feature that allows users to ask questions on a variety of different topics. Other users are able to browse questions and submit answers, with their name tagged next to their responses. One of the benefits of LinkedIn Answers is that when an individual answers a significant number of questions, he or she is placed on the list of Experts.

Note Andy Nathan 4/15/13: LinkedIn Answers was unfortunately shelved last year by LinkedIn.

Rachel Hyun Kim is a writer for Resource Nation, an online resource that gives advice on topics including telemarketing services for small business owners and entrepreneurs.



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