This is a guest post courtesy of Personal Finance 4 All

Since being launched on July 15, 2006, the rise of the Twitter empire has been simply incredible, and I think it’s important to say that Twitter is more than just a place for updates and meaningless chatter. Twitter is a great platform for advertising, for meeting new people, for making business connections and so much money; it can even help you save money! Bearing this in mind, I thought I would detail 5 great ways that Twitter can help you save money.

Look for deals

More and more businesses are joining the Twitter craze, that’s if they’re not there already! As a result, businesses are constantly using Twitter to promote new sale items and products. Using the search box on Twitter you can pretty much search for anything that interests you and see what results you get. Also, if you like a buying from a specific merchant, you can follow them on Twitter and you will be alerted whenever they post a new deal.

Follow the deal finders

There are many coupon deals and exclusive products that get posted to Twitter, however, if you’re not following the right person then you might miss them. However, there are many experts e.g. CouponTweet who regularly post the deals for you, so by following them you have more chance of getting a good deal.

Avoid scams and check out companies!

The old saying news travels fast is very true, and through Twitter this is certainly the case. For example, if you find a deal you think is good online, but you haven’t really heard of the company, check using Twitter. Use the Twitter search to find out some information and to see if there’s been any talk about it. You can do a lot of searching on Twitter and you can avoid unnecessary purchases that will just cost you money.

Tweet what you spend

Tweetwhatyouspend is a website that basically helps you budget better, the site helps and encourages you to record via direct message (so that it’s only visible to you) on Twitter every time you spend, the site will do the rest for you. It will monitor all your spending and break it down for you so you can see averages; it also breaks down what you spend into categories.

Use a Twitter program

Using a Twitter program like TweetDeck for example, helps you do all of the above quickly and easily, you can basically search for more deals, and follow more important deal providers all in one place at the same time, it should make saving money that little bit easier.