Not all free WordPress plugins are created equally. More precisely, all WordPress plugins are created equally. However, I found five plugins listed below that are life-savers. OK! They do not literally save my life. However they save me time and energy, so I can work on other projects. These WordPress plugins give me a bit of Blogging Zen in a marketing world filled with WTF’s!

5 Free WordPress Plugins

WordPress SEO By Yoast– I have used a number of different SEO plugins over the years. However, Yoast is in a league by itself. The plugin does everything from setting up Google Webmaster to XML sitemaps to individual page & post SEO options. I love how the plugin’s Page Analysis evaluates my SEO quality as I write.  Also, if you are using All-In-One or Headway, they have options to transfer the SEO work done on those plugins to Yoast.

GrowMap Anti-Spam Bot-I used to use ReCaptcha for my blog commentators to prevent spam. However, people were complaining about not being able to use the captcha form to write comments. GASP is simply a box that blocks out spammers. Easy to use, and more comments for on the site.

Pretty Link Lite -Whenever you have affiliate links, or you want to track how your links fare statistically you need a plugin like Pretty Link Lite. While the premium version has some really cool bells and whistles, most businesses will be fine starting off with the Lite version. I use this for my marketing when I need to track how well a link fared in marketing. Also, this is a good plugin when you want to cloak your affiliate links from Google, consumers who strip out your affiliate links, and other undesirables.

Ultimate Tiny MCE– If you are looking for the comfort of a full-out Word Processor inside of WordPress then you need Ultimate Tiny MCE. This editor has most of the features of Microsoft Word, plus great multimedia add-ons as well.

WP Super Cache-Do you want your site to run faster, better, stronger? Then you need to cache your site, so you do not have to wait for every picture, graphic, text file, and code to load for every visitor. By caching your files at standard time intervals you increase your site speed. This is a must for anyone who wants to drive large amounts of traffic to their site.

Do you use any of these free WordPress plugins? If so, inquiring minds want to know what you think of these plugins? Know any plugins that work better for your needs?

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